HP ZBook G2 Thunderbolt and Expresscard Clarification

Feb 26, 2020
HP Zbook G2
HD4600, Quadro K2100M
Mobile Phone
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Hi All,
Firstly I've got to say as a first time poster and long time lurker this is quite the resource. Thank you to everyone involved. We're all very lucky to have access to such information.

Brief history:
My MBP died beyond economical repair last year and was the second mac Ive had this happen with. Both times heat related issues.
As such i attempted to switch to a windows machine for the sake of future diy repairs and obtainable parts but I'm struggling to get along with Windows and find the software i use (ableton) to be too buggy on this OS .

I have the Zbook 15 G2 and would love to get OS X running on it as per the Rehabman HP Pro/Z/Elitebook guide.
Problem is I really need Firewire for my audio interface which means either using the expresscard slot w/ FW800card as I currently do or Apple Thunderbolt to FW adaptor.
It seems from what I've read that the expresscard doesn't work with this guide and due to the fact that the TB port is dependant on the NVidia K2100m Graphics that doesn't work either. There are however, some claims that it has been done but none substantiated and according to the info in this post the Nvidia k2100 GPU should work with OS X as it has a Kepler Architecture. Furthermore the Dell Precision workbook has the same Graphics set up and according to a few posts like this and at reddit, the Quadro has been made to work.

Could anyone please offer any insight as to,
1. Whether it would be possible to get the TB working and the correct path to take?
2. Whether its possible to get the expresscard slot working and the path to take?

It doesnt matter whether its high Sierra or Mojave although the latter would be preferable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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