HP ProBook 4530s

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you posted 3 different cards, you already have the notebook? i think ralink works using a software from ralink, but no BT, check in 4530 sub-forum
I see what you mean. The specs on the site don't specify exactly what you'll get and the webshop are unable to tell me which wifi card is in the laptop.

I have seen that I can purchase the wifi card off ebay anyway if it comes with the unsupported version.
Yes try to buy Atheros Card cause both WiFi and bluetooth work.
if you buy a card remember to take the hp version cause some brands have a whitelist of pci-e cards and HP is one of those
Have ordered this and will let you all know what wifi card it comes with.

Got a question what files am I going to need to get OSX installed?

Got me an 8GB pen drive to put the os on.

I'm confused as there lots of different img files available.
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