HP Elitebook 8740w, a workable ML setup

Dec 20, 2010
Intel i7 8700K
EVGA GeForce GTX 1070SC
Mobile Phone
Well here's my setup for my Elitebook. I dont pretend to be an expert but I have been creating hackintosh laptops since my dell inspiron 1520. Currently have many flavors spread across 3 laptops, the 1520, a 14z and for the last year or so with this Elitebook. The installs got way easier thanks to the community. But this time it was super easy. The only small issue is I cant get Chimera to boot from installing from the Multibeast. But my work around for that is simple.

Instead of using a thumb drive, I just used a usb SATA adapter and hooked my hard drive to it. I created 3 partitions. An 8 gig partition to be my installer and the other 2 as a system drive and a backup drive (divided the space equally). Then I ran Unibeast to put my store bought ML on the 8 gig partition. Then I put that SATA drive back in my laptop. I boot up and it shows the installer screen for my Unibeast partition. I install onto my second partition. The resulting install right off the bat has Ethernet, Graphics, Keyboard & Mouse, Bluetooth working. Everything key feature is there but sound and wireless. I use multibeast and the voodoo, the first one that says 32/64 seems to work. I get sound but cant control the volume. For the wireless, I still use my Airlink 101 and the downloaded driver.
The reason for the extra partition is for a backup of this original install. I use the installer and go to disk utilities and copy my working install to partition 3. Every change I make if it breaks something, I roll back the latest working version. Since its all on the same hard drive, backups and installs run fast. If I mess up anything I never need a thumb drive to install again. its all self contained while working out the details. But as of right now, everything is working except USB 3.0 ports.

In my case I have a bunch of laptop drives laying around and a bunch of enclosures too, including one for my eSata port on the elite book. Cool thing about the Elitebook too is the harddrive cover comes off pretty easy and swapping the harddrive in and out is easy. I dont use the drive caddy, I just put the drive in and anchor something on the side and then put the screws back on the plastic cover. Makes for 30 second swaps.