HP 800 G2 mini will not work with BCM94360NG - alternatives?

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Aug 12, 2017
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HP 800 G2 Mini
i5-6700 (65w) Skylake
16GB RAM 2133Mhz

This is a super MacMini clone and the i5-6700 quad-core really kicks ass. I am still struggling with sleep issues and multi-monitor support, but I understand I am not alone :)
But this post is about the wifi/bt card. I got the Intel 9260 to work about 50% speed with the new intel-wifi project files. Getting better all the time but still has too many issues. So I tried the BCM94360NG which works perfectly in other M.2 slots on other Hackintoshes. But in the HP 800 G2 (and also the G4) it does not give more than 30% the speed compared to when I use it in other Hackintoshes. In windows it crashes often also. I then tried other M.2 cards like the Dell DW1820a (works fine in another Hackintosh).

When I checked some support pages it says these below are the supported cards for this model (note there are only Intel cards listed supporting 1802.11ac):

WLAN: Intel® 3165 802.11ac Wireless M.2 with Bluetooth®; Intel® 3165 802.11ac Wireless M.2; Intel® 7265 802.11ac Wireless M.2; Intel® 7265802.11n Wireless M.2 with Bluetooth®; Intel® 8260 802.11ac Wireless M.2; Broadcom BCM943228Z 802.11n Wireless M.2 with Bluetooth®;Broadcom BCM943228Z 802.11n Wireless M.2

I got the same answer from HP support (asking about Windows of course!) but they could not give me a better answer. But I didn't expect them to provide me with alternatives they do not sell! So I just wonder if anyone has tried a M.2 wifi/bt card that works in the HP 800 Mini series.
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