How would proprietary processors for the Mac affect Hackintosh builds?

Jun 21, 2014
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
I helped build a few Hackintoshes a few years ago, but I don't have a great in-depth understanding of the theory, so I'm hoping someone can make this fairly simple. We're hearing now that Apple will be introducing proprietary CPUs for their Macs as early as 2020. I've been considering building a new Hackintosh, but with this news I'm hesitant. Wouldn't the departure from Intel and the advent (or I suppose reintroduction) of proprietary CPUs make the process of building a Hackintosh impossible? Is it prudent to build a Hackintosh now with this possibility right around the corner? I know I can always just make the switch to PC and utilize the components that way, but I do really like running my audio applications and interface on the Mac OS, mostly because of how nicely Core Audio plays with everything.