How to use ip camera for Facetime?

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Oct 4, 2013
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It is easy to use USB webcam, even turn it into an IP cam. I need the opposite. Because webcameras are these days hopelessly sold out and getting one is impossible (Slovakia), I want to turn my Samsung S10 phone into one. I have the IP camera app for the phone that works good, turned phone into an IP camera with RTSP and ONVIF streams of excellent quality. Now I need to make the computer think it's an USB camera, so a wrapper is needed to do the opposite of USB->IP wrappers (like EvoCam, SecuritySpy do), so FaceTime could be able to use the stream. Currently there seems to be no option in Facetime to select a camera and even if it would be, there certainly wouldn't be an option to select an IP stream.
Just a note - I have an USB camera Genius Widecam F100 that works with facetime perfectly OK but the camera itself has a very wide angle and our baby is only few pixels small on my parents' 8" ipad. I thought of replacing the lens on the webcam but I don't have any other to try. Getting another webcam is impossible so I need to virtually use my Samsung phone for facetime.
No, we're not going to use Fb Messenger as it has horrible video quality.
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