How to Use HDAEnabler module with Chimera

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I just setup my first Hackintosh tonight. Everything's working but the toughest part was the audio. I have an ASUS Maximus VI Gene motherboard. I used UniBeast 4.0.2 to install Mavericks 10.9.5 and used MultiBeast 6.5.0 after installation with the ALC1150 option. No audio devices were detected, but other users have reported audio working on this motherboard, so I knew something must be different between my setup and theirs.

Turns out, it's this HDAEnabler module. It doesn't work on my setup. As soon as I used an old version of MultiBeast (6.2.2, the last version to use HDAEnabler1.kext), audio started working.
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Any feedback on this? Is there a chance we could get a Multibeast update to resolve it?
In my case no codec at all was found using Toleda's tools and I had to install the universal VoodooHDA to get my audio going.
I have very interesting problem. Everythings works great except audio which was OK until update to 10.10.2. I thought that multibeast 7.2 and updated HDA will solve the problem with audio but it doesn't.

I have audio, checked ALC898 as always, now it works but when I play music in one songs it stops minimum 10 times in less than second than continue. It's look like internal speakers are gone and back. Tried with several programs and it's the same. Tried in Windows to check maybe it's something related to hardware and everything is normal.

Audio worked great in 10.10 and 10.10.1.

Anyone have this problem and how to solve it???
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