How to set ig-platform-id?

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When running Mojave it is recommended to use WhatEverGreen to configure the IGPU. I have a very similar system spec to yours in my White Knight system (specs in my sig).

I use FCPX with no issues at all (its the primary use of that system)

Recommend the following configuration :-
  • SMBIOS iMac15,1
  • IGPU enabled in BIOS,
  • dGPU set as Primary Display Adapter
  • Configure IGPU as Headless :-
  • Set "AAPL,ig-platform-id" to use PlatformID 0x0x0412000B by using 0B001204 as Device Property
  • Set "device-id" to use 12040000 as Device Property
Both the above Device Properties should be assigned against the Device PCI key PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)
All the information you need is detailed in the Lilu + Plug-in's guide.

I've added the Device Properties to your example copy.plist (attached) :-

View attachment 383199

Code for Devices section of your config.plist


All you need to do is install the latest version of Lilu + WhatEverGreen in /L/E using the Install Method detailed in the
Lilu + Plug-in's guide and add the above changes to your config.plist, be sure to uncheck Inject Intel, as stated in the guide you need to remove all IGPU related flags from the Devices & Graphics sections of your config.plist.

If you want to understand more read the Headless PlatformID's section of the guide, although I recommend reading the Introduction if you have not used Lilu before, and the whole of the WhatEverGreen Chapter.


Hi Jay! I have a system with pretty much the same specs as the OP- Gigabyte Z97x-UD3H, i7 4790k and RX 580 GPU. All was working well for over 9 months with this configuration, but FCPX was giving the green artifacts issue so I embarked on a search to try and fix it.

I found on another thread that I should set my ig-platform-id to 0x5912003 to fix the problem, so that's what I did. It looked like everything was fine and I was able to use FCPX with no issues or artifacts for over a week, but then I started to get random freezing when using FCP or watching video (sound kept playing when frozen, and sometimes cursor would be replaced with a glitched square), as well as some green horizontal lines at random points while watching youtube.

I then saw your post here and feel like I actually understand how ig-platform-id and such work now. I installed WEG following your guide, switched to iMac15,1 (I was on 14,2) and configured properties as you stated. Unfortunately, while it seems like the freezing happens less frequently, it still occurs when editing after an extended period of time. Your help and expertise would be much appreciated. At this point I have also noticed the system.log printing this multiple times when this happens:
Code:[1] ( Service only ran for 1 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 9 seconds.

I've attached my config.plist and IOReg showing the IGPU configured

Thanks in advance!


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HI. Try to disable internal GPU from bios
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