And my desktop with GTX 980Ti?
If I am not mistaken I am pretty sure there is a guide or list of supported/compatible graphics cards for OS X and what versions of OS X. Lets look at it this way, some cards that were working in earlier versions of OS X are no longer working/supported for instance in Big Sur. Apple has dropped support for a few cards on the way as they are no longer fitted in genuine Macs running Big Sur or the up and coming new OS Monterey.

Unfortunately the price of these cards or their counterparts that are fitted in the new M1 Macs are astronomical and prohibitive at the moment. If you're desperate or on a budget an Nvidia 710 I think will work fine in Catalina or the version before that. Getting back to your iMessage woes, I was involved in the 'iMessage Fix' Thread before it was simplified (The Idiot's Guide). There is a bug on some boards I think it's called the SID bug (it's be so long I been over that thread) but it is where a board would not retain certain aspect of it's data and would just produce a series of random zeros when checked with DeBugger. That problem is so old school though I haven't heard of that happening of late.

Maybe if jay monkey sees this post he could maybe point you in the right direction and/or offer a possible fix.

PS - Post the readout from DeBugger so we can have a look and see if anything can be gleaned from it or something you maybe missing.
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Thanks, that's helpful.
Apple has dropped support for a few cards on the way as they are no longer fitted in genuine Macs running Big Sur or the up and coming new OS Monterey.
Ah, so whether or not the GPU is "supported" is more of a digital handshake issue when trying to clone a model—we have to be cloning with a GPU Apple actually puts in their machines, otherwise... (something?) will never work because (something on Apple's end?) prevents it, and, in turn, iMessage?
the SID bug
I'll look more closely at that section of the guides; hopefully at least one of my mobos can get around it.
PS - Post the readout from DeBugger so we can have a look and see if anything can be gleaned from it or something you maybe missing.

**********************iMessage Debug**********************
Credits: ElNono, mdmwii,flux84, sugarface, pokenguyen

Model: MacBookPro15,1
Board-id: Mac-937A206F2EE63C01
SerialNumber: C02XW0EEKGYG
Hardware UUID: 564D8D3C-B481-30A0-A3B2-2D56D68D842D

System-ID: failed
ROM: 0c66833e0010
BoardSerialNumber: C02XW0EEKGYGP4FCB

Gq3489ugfi: 096494e8b8354d71fcab460c39959f1522
Fyp98tpgj: 0ba6e55bef854404e826c5077227863999
kbjfrfpoJU: 5f15680452b65a725ff62610096b119739
oycqAZloTNDm: 51f362bf2d91a3a78b7c16687ff1a2a8e2
abKPld1EcMni: ab713a193116be9a3f5353c6dd0e737f63
Ah yes, with System-ID failed your machine will be hard pressed to be granted an Apple Security token for all Apple Services. There has to be a logical reason why System-ID is failing.

Have a look at the extensive 'How to Fix iMessage' section - Chapter: 5 -SmUUID (System-ID) 'The Sid Bug' because your machine could be affected and you could find a possible way around it by having a read of that section. Some of it is out of date as I don't know if Jay still maintains the Thread but a lot of it is still very relevant.

I have attached my DeBugger readout albeit with the data slightly blurred out for security reasons, just to show how it should be. Good luck.


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Hi thanks again for your quick reply but its the unique webpage with im receiving the 403 forbidden error.... no vpn... i tried with different devices... i think there is another problem here... its a pity becuase its the only thing left to complete my hackintosh HP Envy 15 as004la system.
Does your HP ENVY 15 with HD540 graphics wakes up after sleep?
What MacOS you installed? Opencore?
Just wondering if anyone out there on Big Sur 11.6 is experiencing issues with FaceTime only - where your video will transmit to the recipient fine, but you don't receive any video back. Instead just get the 'Poor Connection' message.

All other iServices running correctly (iMessage, App Store etc.).
hi! I've been trying to find a serial for a hack but I only get a warning says "we're sorry, we're unable to check coverage for this serial number...." or an already registered Mac. Been trying for 2 days, my ip is blocked for excessive use I guess, trying with vpn now. checking for an iMac17,1 serial but when I tried different smbios' keeps giving the same error. am I going something wrong? are you able to check a serial?
btw, tried gensmbios, OpenCore configurator, clover configurator, same result.


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When checking a S/N and you get this pop up - 'We’re sorry, we’re unable to check coverage for this serial number. Please check your information and try again. For help with Apple accessories, please' it simply means it is not registered on Apple's data base and is ok to carry on and use. You never want to use one that is already registered (unless you own the real Mac that has the same S/N owned and registered by you) as it will come up as a Cloned machine which will cause both machines to be kicked off the iMessage Service and possibly blocked from other services as well.

Hope this answers your query.
Hey iMessage problem solvers. My build won't deliver messages until I've sent something from another iOS device first to 'open the gate' I guess you could say.

To elaborate:

I start the day and send Person A a message from my Hackintosh. It sits there without showing 'Delivered'. I then go to my iPhone or MacBook and send that same message again, and get 'Delivered' confirmation on that device. As if this action has now opened up the gate, I can now freely send / receive with Person A from my Hackintosh.

New day or new contact... start the process again.

Have done all the usual SMBIOS / Apple ID checks noted in the full guides here.

Any ideas out there smart people?

macOS 11.6 Big Sur
OpenCore 0.7.4
Hi, I am having problems after an update to Sonoma. History: I have a HP Elitebook 830 G5, it was set up as MacbookPro 14,1 and all services worked on Ethernet and Wifi. Since Sonoma I updated the SMBIOS to 15,4. It works perfect apart from one thing. The Wifi card (only IM and FaceTime do not work, Ethernet works with both.)
I used GENSmbios to generate a new ID, and then I use my Ethernet-MACadress as ROM. That's works great with all iservices. But...when I switch to Wifi, iMessage and FaceTime stops working. There is no warnings its just that it does not deliver messages or phone. The Wifi card is Intel 8265. I have deleted prefs and such, cleared Nvram, but this problem was new to me....Any suggestions? Perhaps I forgot something?
Edit: GENSmbios ROM did not work on either two times in a row, as I remember it worked every time in Ventura.
Edit2: Everything stays the same between boots, tested with iMessagedebug. As soon as I connect Ethernet all iservice works, pull the plug and it stops. (much better the other way around :)
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