First, I'm very grateful to Jaymonkey for the guide and others here who have been so helpful. Thank you!

  1. my build/fix steps
  2. unblock took overnight to kick in
  3. my call to apple
  4. a few notes on the guide

1. My build/fix steps
I did a clean, Clover EFI install of Yosemite but couldn't log into iMessages. I had the pop-up with the Customer Code, saying I needed to call Apple.

I have the SID bug on my GA-Z87X-UD5H, so the fix required most the guide.
  • reset ethernet ports so they were en01 and en02;
  • generated a unique serial number that I checked on Apple's website;
  • set the computer profile to match the i7 build (iMac 14,2);
  • made sure the MLB and ROM etc. did not change after reboots;
  • deleted all caches and extensions;
  • called Apple to unblock iMessages.

2. Unblock took overnight to kick in
When Apple lifted the block, I could log in. However, I soon discovered that I couldn't send or receive messages and all contacts were in red. However, when I woke up this morning, it was working. So I guess it just needed some time for the fix to propagate fully. Hooray!

3. My call to Apple
The guide was very helpful here, as you will see. Overall the call took 30 minutes; 15 minutes before I spoke to anyone, and another 15 minutes on the call with the technician, most of which was spent on hold as he researched the problem.

To begin the call, I gave the serial number for my genuine MacBook Air, not my Hackintosh. At no point during the call did they ask for my serial number again. This was different from the last time I called about two months ago, where they refused to help because they couldn't match my Hackintosh serial number.

This technician did not recognize the problem and wanted to do a screen simulcast on my computer. This was bad for several reasons. Fortunately he came back from hold and said that system was down.

He then wanted to walk me through troubleshooting steps. Per the guide, I tried to explain that the problem wasn't with my computer but rather that Apple had put a hold on the account. He asked for the error message and disappeared for several minutes. He then tried to troubleshoot for Yosemite. I explained again, he put me on hold. This happened several times over 15 minutes.

When I finally got his full attention, I said that I had read through the Apple support forums and was fairly sure I knew what the problem was. I then explained the problem was caused by new security measures. All he needed to do was enter my Customer Code number and lift the block. I then read the error message in full.

He put me on hold yet again. When he returned, he directed me to the Apple ID website (which I already had ready). I generated a security number, gave it to him, and he lifted the block. Hooray!

He was very nice and I made sure to be friendly and upbeat. It helped that I was able to direct him to the solution (once I finally got his full attention :).

4. A few notes on the guide
The guide is excellent, comprehensive, and a lifesaver.

Re: Calling Apple to lift the block
If it's not already mentioned, it might be worth noting in bold that even after Apple unblocks you, it may still take several hours or even overnight before you can send and receive messages.

I mention this because I mistakenly assumed that my inability to send/receive messages meant there was still a problem with my settings and continued troubleshooting and nearly shot myself in the foot in the process. (see below)

Clover MLB values
I am using MLB values generated by Clover. Only after getting off the phone with Apple, did I notice that the guide (now) says these Clover-generated values are blocked by Apple. Oops. So I assumed this was my problem. I then changed my MLB values manually. Only then did I notice that I had missed a FaceTime call! So I tried logging into FaceTime only to see the error saying to call Apple and give them the Customer Code! In other words, FaceTime had been working, I didn't realize it, and had now broken it.

So I rolled back my MLB to the Clover-generated values (the ones I had when I called Apple). It worked! I could now log in to FaceTime. But Messages still didn't sent or receive texts. Oh well.

12+ hours later, I picked up where I left off only to discover Messages was now working.

Morals of the story:

  1. follow the guide *closely*;
  2. allow up to 12 hours for Apple's block to fully lift before continuing to troubleshoot;
  3. don't troubleshoot angry. :)
I have to possibly agree, when testing with Serial values being mimicked I had some odd iCloud behaviours with keychains. I had to reauthorize keychains a few times. Since mimicking ONLY the ROM and MLB, things have worked no problem across the machines. I get instant message synchronization. Never miss a message. It is very solid.

I'll confirm ^^^

I took just the ROM and MLB from an old system I'll never use any more and injected them with RTVariables. Everything else was made up by Clover Config and it worked.
Hello Guys,

I manage to activate icloud,appstore,facetime..but not with imessage..the Customer Code i already call Apple and they already lift it and got Contact all Red and it said not registered with imessage..After read a few last post in here i will try to give 12H+ to test it..

However i still have some headache to recover this problem..
My imessage preference is just showing grey box like the picture below


Anyone have solution for this?:banghead:
No, use Clover Configurator, everything is written in the config.plist file inside the EFI partition (/Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/). You need to mount it first using Clover Configurator. First, go to SMBIOS tab and generate new random values for the same platform you were using before (iMac, Mac Pro, etc). Then, change them to keep your old SmUUID, MLB and serial values. Now, go to Rt Variables tab and override the ROM value if the ROM was not part of your SmUUID before. Reboot, and check with imessage_debug script if everything is exactly the same as you had before switching to Clover.

thank you for this info will try soon!

How to Fix iMessage - Idea for a script for newbies!

Hi guys,

Although it is possible to manually perform the necessary actions to move from a working legacy Unibeast/Chimera/Multibeast system to Clover by transferring all necessary information I would like to ask any capable developer to create a script or piece of software to perform the necessary info backup automatically.

i.e. this program should be run on the "old" system (Mavericks, Chimera, using filenvram, /Extra, unblocked by Apple support) and create an xml file with all necessary settings saved to it.

Then the Clover Configurator should be able to read that xml file and use those values for the new system.

That way it should be a breeze to move to Yosemite and keep iMessage working.

I hope a developer would consider this idea and help us newbies avoid silly mistakes.

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Im running the ga-h77n-wifi chipset.

I went from Unibeast/Mavericks to Clover/Yosemite because I really am attracted to the iMessages syncing with my iPhone feature. I went through the entire guide and did everything absolutely proper after getting the lockout code after trying to login into iMessage for the first time.

I injected a new proper 128bit uuid into my config.plist, made sure I didn't have a serial/computer type mismatch, consistent rom & mlb values. The whole nine. I was then ready to call Apple with my consistently produced lockout code. I called Apple, and after a couple minutes of playing dumb, and getting transferred, the lady unlocked me! SWEET SUCCESS! Or so I thought.

I logged in on iMessages on my Hack and set up my account. I checked my iPhone's message settings, and authorized my Hack. I entered the code, and it authorized! Sweet again. Until my messages still didnt show on my mac after sending a couple test texts on my phone.

After reading, I came to the conclusion that they didnt sync because my Hack is on a wired connection and my phone is on wifi. The specs state they have to be on the same wifi network.

Well after going to work and coming home, all my messages were synced on iMessage, except for the last text I had sent walking home from work which was close to the building. I tried logging on and off the wifi and sending another text from my phone. That didnt work and I was still curious why after several minutes my Hack's iMessages hadnt synced the last message, so I looked for a refresh button. After not finding a refresh button, I read that logging in and out of the account can help, so I logged out of iMessage on my Hack. HUGE MISTAKE!

After logging out and trying to log back in, I am locked out again. DAMN! It appears to be the EXACT same lockout code that I was generating before and gave to Applecare over the phone. WHAT GIVES? You can't logout?! Definitely discouraging after spending several hours going through the whole process.

Anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks so much guys and happy hackintoshing!
First, I'm very grateful to Jaymonkey for the guide and others here who have been so helpful. Thank you!...

..... I notice that the guide (now) says these Clover-generated values are blocked by Apple. Oops. So I assumed this was my problem.


Thanks for your feedback, I think its only the default OSX S/N generated by Clover that is black listed ...

Hi guys,

Although it is possible to manually perform the necessary actions to move from a working legacy Unibeast/Chimera/Multibeast system to Clover by transferring all necessary information I would like to ask any capable developer to create a script or piece of software to perform the necessary info backup automatically.


I'm not sure it would be possible, and even if it was it would still need user intervention since there are so many types of configurations and issues to resolve such as does the mobo suffer Sid bug .... etc

The latest versions of Clover and Clover Configurator will do their best job at analysing your set up and configure options to what it thinks are correct when generating a new config.plist, You can automatically generate a system SMBIOS for the type of System you want using the magic wand tool, and the very latest version of Clover Configurator has an experimental ID calculator which is close to what your asking for.

All you need to do is run iMessage debug before installing Clover .... after installing Clover do not reboot but run Clover configuator and copy and paste the ID's from iMessage Debug into Clover Configurator ... its really easy so no need for something that automates it any further.

Also you really should learn about how the ID's effect OSX and iMessage, that was the reason i investigated the subject and wrote the guide .... just about every other guide out-there only gives parrot advice without any reasons behind them so you have no idea why you doing what your doing ..... if you dont understand the problem how can you fix it ???

hi there i keep getting customer code given it to apple and they put it thru for me and it still comes up with customer code any ideas? Im also using Clover I'm stuck please help me
After I add a gmail account to iMessage and try to re-log in using AppleID again, I can't sign in and the pop up asking to contact customer support appear again. Are there anyways to solve it or do I need to contact customer support?