How to fix Blackscreen after installing ebDrivers

Jul 19, 2012
GTX 560
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Hi, I decieded to write this thread because when I needed help, I found some solutions here , on tonnymac.
It's not an asking for help here; the objective is to help anyone who could be on the same situation that I've been Yesterday.
As my profile states, my customac has a H77m_Dh3 mobo, a i7 2600 non k cpu and now a 1050ti 4Gb. (My gtx 560 died last week).
If you have a motherboard like mine and you are planing to get it run, read carefully.
First of all, you will get stuck on bios screen without doing anything if you have placed the graphic card on the system.

Pre installing/plugging card :

If you have an installation, follow this, if not, I will do a guide of installation in a future.
Boot with your older card asuming you have the cpu and mobo same as me.If not, you can boot without acceleration graphic,
apply the following process and that's it.

At sierra desktop, install nvidia web drivers compatibles with your security updates. Don't Restart yet!


Place lilu.kext and NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext on /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts

Turn Off!


1st-Step: Upgrade bios
My version was F4 so It couldn't boot with this card. The solution was updating to F12 version. (Don't be afraid as I was, it has double bios back up).

2nd: Change M.I.T. > Miscellanious
change this auto parameter to pci3. reboot

3rd:Activate on clover intect nvidia web driver
If you can't access to to your config plist of clover, this solution can help you meanwhile.

Congratulations, No Signal!

To solve this, there are two possibilities before fix to consider:

-Kernel panic, black screen, error
- You can't display the signal on screen but is booting up.

I thought that I had the first one until I realized that was able to hear my boot sound(I added with a script that plays
a mp3 of a real mac boot sound, You might find ridicolous but it told me that I had the second case )


For now, if you are on the second case, solution is quite simple: change your hdmi output cable to dvi(I use an adapter to convert the dvi to hdmi as my monitor doesn't have this input) [Use dvi output instead of using de hdmi]
I don't know why I can't use the hdmi, but I can get full acceleration with dvi and so on.
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