How to Enable AMD GPU Encoding instead of Intel's?

Oct 23, 2010
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Glad you worked things out with your build. I’ll have to check out that CPUFriend kext, sounds interesting, although at this point my various Hacks are so reliable I rarely check back in here anymore, especially since switching them all from MultiBeast to vanilla installations.

FWIW since I posted that message about SMBIOS, I traded up (down?) (sideways?) from the i7/Z77/Ivy system mentioned in that post to a newer Skylake system that somehow feels faster in everyday operation and renders FCPX even faster than the i7 Ivy rig, despite having a lowly i3-6100 CPU. Paired with an AMD 280X GPU, the new system Geekbenches higher in single-core despite being an unoverclockable i3 (at least on this Gigabyte H110M-A) vs. an overclocked Ivy i7. The Ivy scores higher in multi-core but this doesn’t seem to matter with anything I actually do with this system. I mostly use it for FCPX and Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop work and somehow the little power-sipping i3-6100 makes Mojave fly faster than the OC’d i7-3770K ever did. It’s essentially a cheap Hackinmouse build with an added 280X for graphics grunt and it’s by far the fastest and most reliable Hack I’ve built yet. The significantly lower power consumption is a nice bonus as well.

On paper an i3-6100 shouldn’t be this fast and powerful running Mojave, even with that 280X helping out. But it shows how benchmarks don’t always tell the whole story. As someone who spent many hours trying to eke the highest OC out of that 3770K to get another 100 Geekbench points and maybe a few seconds faster BruceX, I’m happy leaving this puny i3 and outdated AMD alone while they fly through whatever I‘m doing.
Nice build.
I agree with you that benchmarks don't tell the whole story (I said that in another topic the other day where people see to be hung up on them instead of real life Apps).

Regarding Ivy Bridge, you have remember that even though it's an i7 quad-core, it's 3rd generation Core CPU vs the 6th generations i3 dual-core. Your "system" feels better because it is actually is better. It's not just about the CPU, it's about the platform. With every generation step up in CPU, there's a step up in the platform (all the bits around the CPU).
E.g. the memory bandwidth of 6th gen platform is nearly 50% faster and the bus bandwidth is nearly 60% faster (5GT/s vs 8GT/s). So I am not that surprised that your i3 system flies relative to the Ivy Bridge. Just goes to show that one does not always need an i9-9900kxyz bla bla to do want you need for your workload (unless of course it's for bragging rights).

I've squeezed out much I could from my Ivy in the last 5 years and it's time to move to a newer platform as Catalina does not feel smooth (Mojave is fine).
Unfortunately, Intel have screwed up royally - big time in their CPU's and their platforms with their focus on Enterprise customers (i.e. data centres), they have forgotten Consumers.
There's no point in moving this year to Comet Lake as that still does not have PCIe 4.0, it a new CPU socket that will NOT last for more than a year before they come out at the end of next year with Rocket Lake with another socket (no compatibility). So I might stretch it out for another year so that I don't have to upgrade for another 5. by then we will be on ARM.
But then....there's always Ryzen....:)