How to bypass Nvidia card and use Intel Integrated Graphics

Jan 22, 2015
Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H LGA 1150
GTX 960
UPDATE 1: So someone who posted a simlar question after I posted this got some pretty good feedback in reply. Basically (from what he was told), YOU CANNOT USE INTEL GRAPHICS WHILE MONITORS ARE PLUGGED INTO NVIDIA CARD. You would have to unplug the monitors from Nvidia card and plug them into the mobo ports (or maybe they sell some sort of adapter or switch so you can push a button to switch between them...maybe I'll check that later)...but for the time being, simply, this wont work.

Alternatively, someone posted that they installed both a 960 (supported card) and a 1060 (not supported card) and where able to get one of the monitors plugged into the 1060 to use the 960's acceleration while in OS X. But I'm not going there.

I'll just install my 1060 and use windows for a while switching monitor cables when I need to use mac, and hopefully at some point in the future Nvidia will release a web driver update to support GTX 1060.

I built my Hackintosh a year ago as a dualboot. OS X on one HDD for regular computing and Windows 8.1 on another HDD for gaming. BIOS boots to Clover on HDD1 and from clover I can boot OS X or pass to the Windows bootloader on HDD2. For a long time the GTX960 worked fine in Windows and Mac but I’m upgrading to a GTX1060 now which is unsupported in OS X so what I would like to do is have OS X ignore the Nvidia card and just use the Intel HD 4600 that’s in my I7-4790k. I’m having trouble doing it though which is strange because I originally setup my hackintosh before installing the GTX960 and it used the Intel 4600 with very little configuration…even after I installed the GTX960 it still used the Intel 4600 graphics (if I’m remembering correctly) and it took some configuration to get it to ignore the Intel and use the Nvidia, but now I’m having the opposite problem.

I can get it to ignore the Nvidia card fine I just can’t get it to use the Intel 4600 (it just boots up without any graphics acceleration when it ignores Nvidia).

What I’ve tried so far:

-First thing I enabled Intel Integrated graphics from the BIOS (I believe I originally had to disable it to get Nvidia working but that’s not an issue now).

-In Clover Configurator I’ve tried unchecking nvda_drv=1 and I’ve tried checking nv_disable=1 both individually and together.

-In Clover Configurator I’ve tried Inject Intel

-I’ve tried disable Nvidia web driver alone and in combination with the above. Strangely disabling the Nvidia web drivers seems to do nothing. Novabench still shows the system is using GTX960 and benchmarks at 700fps with or without web drivers active.

What I have not tried:

-I have seen some threads mention editing the DSDT to swap Nvidia with Intel. I’m hesitant because I don’t remember ever messing with these in the first place (all my parts are from the buyer’s guide).

-I’m curious if it has issues using the Intel graphics because my monitors are plugged into the GTX960 ports…I hope not because ultimately my monitors will be plugged into a GTX1060.

-In Clover Config I have it setup so that OS X thinks I have a Mac Pro Desktop (and I believe this is somehow linked to having my Imessage work)...I'm wondering if the model of Mac needs to be changed to have Intel graphics work (and if this will break Imessage).

I would appreciate any help if you can think of what I need to do so that Mac will ignore Nvidia (even though monitors are plugged into the card) and use the Intel graphics. This way I could be free to upgrade my card in the future without having to worry about breaking OS X. PS my mobo is a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H LGA 1150. Thank you in advance.
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