How many WD drives have died on you?

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Lets see... of the HD's I've had over the years, the only ones I've had 'die' on me were extremely old (or other people's that may or may not have been abused). All were 10 years+ in age, so I think 'wore out' would be a better description. Only catastrophic failure I can remember that was particularly annoying was a WD in fact, but this was back in the late 90's and it too was almost ten years old at the time.

Drive manufactures I've trusted over the past two and a half decades:
Hitachi (laptop drives)
Toshiba (laptop drives)
Put me down for

1 WD 1000G Caviar Blue

Just died yesterday.

I have 6 Western Digital drives, 4 of them are on 24hrs a day in my server. None of them have died yet. I've have a bunch of Seagates die on me though.
I have shitty luck with seagate but WD hold up pretty well. I just replaced 3 seagate drives with western digital. I had like 4 seagate die on me in the past 2 years. I kept getting them exchanged cause they are under warranty but that's not even the point. If I wasn't as strict as I was about cloning my drives, I'd be one sad and angry person. My friend just bought a western digital external and it died and he barely even used it. All these hard drives suck basically. They try to make the space as big as possible in the tiniest of space and leave stability and durability an after thought. Its a shame. I still remember seagate firmware snafu a year or two ago and they had a major recall. I had 2 drives I had to get the firmware upgraded from that time. Its a shame. The hard drive is such a beautifully engineered device to be so poorly made.
I've had good times with Seagate, Hitachi, and Samsung.
Only HD that ever died on me was a maxtor, before they were bought out.
12 currently.

The only way I have found to recover a WD drive (without the good people at Drive Savers) is to heat them up on another active drive. Some remount and then you are good to go.
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