High Sierra Issues & Concerns - Audio / OpenCL / USB 3.0 / Dual Boot

Apr 16, 2017
Asus ROG Maximus IX Formula
Intel i7 7700k
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti FE
  1. MacBook Pro
  2. Mac mini
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So even though we're around the corner with Multibeast supporting the new APFS, of course I'm still using clover off the USB. Ballsy enough, since Multibeast can't see my SSD (I have a Samsung 960 Pro 512GB by the way), I'm using it to at least configure the USB's clover, although that actually messes up the embedded theme, and it really does nothing, all it really did was ignore my default boot drive.

  1. Audio - I'm trying to install ALC1220 if not ALC1220A, but I might have seen something about an ALC1220S somewhere that's supposed to directly support my Maximus IX Formula motherboard. But because this is my first time ever having a Hackintosh build, I've yet to fully understand how to work with injecting kexts or writing configurations besides kext patches in order for them to actually take effect. I believe my motherboard has ID's 1 and 2 as far as I can see, but the only audio that has been working is my 2nd monitor with the DVI to HDMI conversion. It works, just sounds horrible with bass, so I'm trying to get back my native audio and actually use AU Lab/Soundflower.
  2. OpenGL* - I'm guessing that's what League of Legends uses, I've successfully got my GTX 1080 Ti FE to work on dual monitors. But my main issue is making sure League of Legends is running fluidly over 200fps. It's actually been stuck around 40+ FPS and rarely 120+ which isn't actually accurate either. There's only 2 of the latest alternative pascal Web packages that support High Sierra for the 1080 Ti. But I am guessing there is a way to manually patch OpenGL if not wait for a whole update.
  3. USB 3.0 - Goodness, I realized as I switched my USB plugs after noticing my BRIO webcam doesn't work that my USB 2.0's work, but even as I tried to even use Multibeast into my USB clover, it has no effect at all to get USB 3.0 to run. On top of it, having to use 2.0, the quality of the webcam looks horrible. I haven't even tested the audio quality.
  4. Dual Boot* - Now, I need a bit of understanding or..clarity, as I have looked around, but don't know if I'm in the safe zone just yet. At least while I'm still using the USB clover, I don't really need Multibeast to actually create a dual boot for Windows, right? If I'm able to get this done, I'm probably just going to ignore issue #2 and use League of Legends on Windows as I'm streaming whenever I can alongside Player Unknown's Battlegrounds which of course only works on Windows.
  • Found out that League runs on OpenGL actually.
  • I realized it was easy to make use of the Clover on my USB into my local EFI partition as I locally installed Clover. Now I'm just trying to make use of the trial and error of getting High Sierra to work with Windows 10.

If anyone can help me on these issues, let me know. I'm going to still continue to look around the internet, including the forum archives on here, but I'd like to be able to write up something that follow anyone's solutions here so that later on we can make organized future references for such builds, because I'm very close to making this run perfectly. Well, I wouldn't say close really, I still need to make sure iMessage is working. Oh well, thanks for reading and I hope to solve this soon with you guys!

P.S I've attached my Clover config below alongside the basic details of my computer even though I've already provided most of the info on my profile earlier. Honestly I'm configuring it through Coda rather than Clover Configurator because it seems to be wiping the majority of the sample DSDT's which is something I'm a bit afraid of, but I'm not too worried because of course I can just restore my most & last successful config backup.


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