High Sierra and Clover loops at base system installation with Samsung PM981 NVMe SSD

Jul 22, 2014
iris pro+750M
Classic Mac
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  1. E3 1230v2 + Asrock Z77 Pro4 (with mod bios for NVMe boot) + Samsung PM981 SSD via M.2-PCIe X4 card
  2. GPT structure sequence: ESP - MSR - Space Reserved for Hackintosh - Windows 10

  3. Windows 10 1803 has been successfully installed using dsim and bcdboot (installer can't pass due to NTFS-EFI issue, don't know why) and CloverEFI r4630 has been copied to the ESP on SSD (with the same drivers, kexts and config.plist capable of building hackintosh on the same machine prior to the use of NVMe SSD, some minor issues of sleeping and hibernation existing though). And I can boot into windows via this clover with no trouble. The USB Installer of macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) has an identical set of EFI on the flash drive.

  1. PM981 NVME SSD can be recognized no matter nvmexpressdxe.efi is put in the driver64uefi folders or not. However, it's recognized as external drives by the Disk Utility even if I applied the Piker R. patch#external as instructed in his blog.

  2. After booting into the macOS installer and the first round of installation being finished (I think it's meant to copy the BaseSystem to the dest. drive), the installer restarts the computer and then into clover. Some extra icons would have shown themselves at the clover startup screen as expected, including Preboot Installer (or something alike, I just can't remember clearly) leading to the ensuing installation, which was always the case previously when I built hackintoshes without this M.2-PCIe NVMe SSD.
    Unfortunately, no additional icons appear at Clover startup screen this time. There's only the same icon leading to macOS installer before the BaseSystem was copied to the dest. drive. If I click this icon, the same BaseSystem installation just occurs once again and again...

So anyone comes up what's gone wrong here and offers help please?