HELP,Triple boot,UEFI+GPT win7+mac OSX+androidx86

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Mar 31, 2015
Dell XPS 14Z 412L
I5 2430M/HM76
HD3000 1366x768

I have installed win7+mac osx, using Clover to boot,they're fine.

Now adds androdx86,first installed androidx86 5.1,customize in Clover,boots fine,but software compatibilty is poor with ARM bridge enabled.Then try 4.4 r5,quite good,but failed to boot with customizing through Clover for boot with grubx64.efi.

Pls give me some help,thanks.

Initially thought lack of VboxEXt2-64.efi drivers,but no still a blinking cursor.The thing is after installing,if choose boot into Android,it can boot,but reboot,jump to Clover as I chose,and select Android,failed.

Using a efi shell to boot,and fs0:\efi\android\grubx64.efi brings me to the grub> interface.
fs0:\efi\android\bootx64.efi does the same.

And also the android partition in my harddisk has a grub partition with menu.lst.

I see there is someone with the same problem,but no solution yet have been found.!topic/android-x86/YQhLP3pGS4o

I install it to my UEFI disk in an ext4 partition (not formatted by the installer), directly run after installtion works (except for my FocalTech touchpad which requires newer kernel, but I have separate PnP USB wireless touchpad keyboard combo which works), however it doesn't register itself to the EFS partition. Its partition contains android-4.4-r5, grub (which seems to have standard grub 1 files) and lost+found folder. Upon installation this is what I answered:

Do you want to install bootloader GRUB? Yes
Do you want to install EFI GRUB2? Yes
Do you want to format the boot partition /dev/sda1? No
Do you want to install /system directory or read-write? Yes

How can I manually register it to my EFS partition? I have two working Linux installation.

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