[Help Please!] Fresh Install failure; hangs on apple screen

Dec 12, 2013
Z87x-UD5 TH
i7 4770K 3.5ghz
evga Geforce GTX 660
MacBook Pro, Mac Pro
Mobile Phone
I'm fairly new at this so thanks in advance for any help and your patience! The system I'm using should show in my profile but here it is again:

CPU: i7 4770k @ 3.5 ghz
MOBO: gigabyte z87x-ud5 TH
Graphics Card (removed in verbose below): EVGA geforce GTX 660

Let me know if you need any further information as I'll be closely monitoring this thread...

I attempted an update from Yosemite to High Sierra using instructions:

I set the BIOS settings to optimized defaults.

Initially, after trying different boot flags, I got to the installer after unchecking (nv_disable=1). But then was sent on a never-ending loop. The computer would either reboot or hang for hours on the black screen with the apple.

Since then I've spent countless hours on the forums trying multiple fixes: Using safe mode, taking out the Graphics card, trying multiple USB inputs and different USB thumb drives. Finally, I just went out and bought a new SSD and tried a fresh install. But, encountered the same thing. So, now I'm assuming this has something to do with my system? The one thing I haven't messed with is my RAM. Out of desperation, I'll try that next.

Attached are screenshots in verbose mode without a graphics card and nv_disable=1 checked. However, it seems to hang on "HID Legacy shin 2" no matter what settings I have.

I'm a bit over my head here as I've exhausted my very limited Hackintosh abilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As a freelance media producer, this computer keeps my lights on and food on the table. And, I've got a big project coming up. :eek: