Help compiling battery patch with Maciasl syntax error

Mar 26, 2020
VAIO Duo 13 SVD1321Z9E (Opencore)
i7 4500U
hd 4400 1920 x 1080
Hello guys I was making a battery patch for my Vaio and followed through the rehab man guide for creating a battery ssdt I have fixed all the errors that were expected but I have a problem with a syntax one.

61, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_CLOSE_PAREN, expecting PARSEOP_EXP_INDEX_LEFT

It concern every lines that are store object and I'm guessing it's because of the B1B2 split method

Store (Multiply (ECRD (RefOf (B1B2 (XDC1, XDC2))), 0x0A), Index (BPKG, One))
Store (Multiply (ECRD (RefOf (B1B2 (XFC1, XFC2))), 0x0A), Index (BPKG, 0x02))
Store (ECRD (RefOf (B1B2 (XDV1, XDV2))), Index (BPKG, 0x04))
Store (Divide (Multiply (ECRD (RefOf (B1B2 (XFC1, XFC2))), 0x0A), 0x0A, ), Index (BPKG, 0x05))
Store (Divide (Multiply (ECRD (RefOf (B1B2 (XDC1, XDC2))), 0x0A), 0x64, ), Index (BPKG, 0x07))
Store (Divide (Multiply (ECRD (RefOf (B1B2 (XDC1, XDC2))), 0x0A), 0x64, ), Index (BPKG, 0x08))

I tried rehab man fork of Maciasl and it compiled through version 4 of iasl but when I open the compiled aml battery patch the code isn't like the one I wrote originally with things that changed like external object I defined as IntObj they turned to be UnknownObj in the compiled patch. So I guess I can't use it.

Would anyone be able to help me to fix this syntax error please? thanks

here I link all my dumped ssdt plus the battery patch I'm making.


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