Help Cloning Partitions - Expanding Working System

Mar 24, 2017
i5 6600k
R9 270
Hey, I'm looking for some help cloning my Windows 10 partition.

I've just bought myself a new m.2 hard drive to expand my storage space and I want to move my Windows partition to it. Honestly, I never use my OSX partition and I think I'd prefer to delete it. Further, I honestly don't remember the exact process I did to install everything. So I'm looking at options and am struggling to find the help I need searching the forums.

So far I've downloaded Macrium as a tool to clone the necessary Windows partitions. I'm dual booted with W10 and macOS Sierra...I haven't updated it. I use Cloverleaf Bootloader to select my boot drive (but defaulted my BIOS to the W10 partition). I have all this on 1x SSD, and Macrium shows me a total of 6 partitions. I never got around to getting a wireless network card and driver combo that worked so my macOS partition is offline at this time. The end state I'd like to reach is one of two: 1) Clone W10 partition to new m.2, single booted, re-format old SSD for use as photo album storage. 2) Clone W10 partition to new m.2, retain dual boot, re-format W10 partition on old SSD for photo album storage, then work towards updating OSX.

1) How do I determine which partitions of my drive need to be cloned for W10 to boot properly, and therefore be the ones I could delete once cloned?
2) If I clone W10, does re-formatting the old drive immediately remove Cloverleaf without issues?
3) If not, is there a recommended uninstall procedure? Honestly a little cautious to do this, though I could clone the entire old SSD and do a test uninstall.

If there are some specific screenshots you need please let me know, I would rather provide what's needed rather than a bunch of useless screenshots.

Thanks for the help!