HELP Bluetooth causes wake after sleep

Nov 18, 2018
ASUS K46CM Laptop - Clover UEFI
i7 3517U
GT 635M/ IHD 4000 1366 x 768
Mobile Phone
  1. Android
Hi all....:)

I'm currently running macOS Catalina 10.15.5 on my ASUS K46CM Laptop..
But, I got some sleep problem, my laptop just wake up right after around 1sec of sleep time( I know that is sleeps because the sleep LED indicator on my laptop blink, then after 1 sec it goes back to normal/wake)

after seeking of what causes my Laptop to wake right after sleep, I finally figure out that it is my Bluetooth causes my laptop to wake (I'm using AR3012 Bluetooth + Atheros 9485 Wi-Fi card....
by using the Piker Alpha's SSDTPrgen I'm able to get CPU Power Management for my Hackintosh
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 01.06.01.png

I have also configure my USB ports using Hackintool from This guide , like the above screengrab...
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 01.13.10.png

I know that Bluetooth causes wake after sleep because when I delete the Bluetooth entry from Hackintool and extract and use the USBPorts.Kext, sleep works fine (however, this way I can't use Bluetooth)

did anyone knows how to fix this? some guides tell me to change the Bluetooth USB ports to 255, but I have no idea....
I also have changed The Bluetooth and USB Camera Connector in Hackintool from ExpressCard to Internal, but this way Bluetooth isn't recognised in System Report....


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