HDCP / iTunes black screen issue, Netflix error fix?

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Hi all,

I just finished setting up a Hackintosh (Asus Z270 Prime-AR board, i5-7600K, and GTX 1070) and it is 100% fully functional except for the issue mentioned in the title.

Everything seems like it is setup properly to me for this to work - iGPU is enabled in UEFI BIOS (iGPU multi monitor enabled), clover config plist has the proper graphics entry for the iGPU (inject intel true and connector-less id set for Kaby / HD 630), and WhateverGreen.kext installed into my EFI partition/EFI/Clover/kexts/Other directory. I can even tell that macOS detects the iGPU and can use it because iStat menus shows an entry for the HD 630 along with memory and processor utilization for the iGPU.

However, HDCP / DRM authentication still isn't working - Netflix throws an error message when trying to play videos in safari, and iTunes will not play any of my purchased movies and some of my purchased TV shows - I get the usual iTunes playback window with the progress bar at the bottom but the screen is black and the movie never starts playing.

Is there something simple I am missing? It seems like I have everything setup properly for this to work - iGPU enabled in BIOS, iGPU properly configured in clover config plist, and WhateverGreen.kext installed, but I am stuck here because it isn't working like it should.

Thanks for any advice you can provide! This is the last issue I am trying to work out with my new macOS install, otherwise fully functional.
Post your config.plist from Clover, I have the same motherboard (more or less) and mine works OK. Could be the Nvidia driver but I cannot help with that as I'm using a Radeon card.
It is DRM issue with Intel graphic. You need to proper Shiki's boot flag. I usually use shikigva=4, 12, or 16 try it
Same problem here. GTX1070 + UHD630 (headless) fully working.
Netflix trailers playback is ok... but reports S7363-1260-FFFFD089 on movies.

I recently updated the DRM section of the WhatEverGreen chapter of the Lilu + Plugin's guide, it might help those who are still having DRM issues.

The section on DRM is at the bottom of the whatEverGreen Chapter.

I've come across these issues too. Really annoying..!

Latest WEG/Lilu. Tried all the options for shikigva with no success...

Attached is my config.plist and EFI folder...

If I remove boot options then FCP render stops working...


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with Mojave 10.14.4 I've the problem, that iTunes constantly crashes after I start it. Has anyone the same problem ?
@hippiejim, please update your profile (account details) with your Motherboard, CPU and iGPU or Graphics Card(s).
If you have a prebuilt computer enter make and model instead of motherboard.
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@BreBo I updated it.
The with iTunes i got after updating from Sierra 10.12.6 to Mojave.
Try the guide from the apple page, even that don't work.
I've no idea what to do next. Maybe someone can help me.
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