HD530 Second Output Mojave

May 1, 2018
Asus Z170-E
i7 6700
HD 530/GTX 970
Hey there,

I've been running High Sierra on my GTX970 and I decided to switch to Catalina and use the internal HD530.

My motherboard has two output ports, a HDMI and a DVI port. I have a 2K monitor plugged into the HDMI port and a 1080P monitor plugged into the DVI port. Using the platform ID 19120000 (with no FakeID or InjectIntel) I am able to get accelerated graphics through the HDMI port. I used mac-pixel-clock-patch-V2 in order to unlock the 2K resolution and my main monitor works.

Using the platform ID 193B0000 I'm able to get acceleration and both monitors to show up in System report correctly at the same time. However, only the HDMI monitor shows an output, the DVI monitor loses signal during boot. If I hot plug the DVI monitor while the HDMI monitor is plugged in the monitor says it is receiving a signal but the screen is blank. I am able to boot up using the DVI input only and have that work. If I plug in the HDMI monitor after booting DVI then the HDMI monitor doesn't receive any input and the DVI monitor says it is receiving an input but goes dark.

I'm using a SYMBIOS for 14.2, I've configured all my ports using the correct Bus ID and I've done a couple patches to AppleIntelSKL to try and get the ports to show up as the correct type in IOReg.

I used to be able to boot using DVI then hotplug the HDMI monitor and get them both working, but now even that isn't working. It seems like the connector type for frame buffer 2 changed in IOReg tho because it shows <00 04 00 00> now when it used to be 00 08 00 00 (after patching) which is the correct value.

Any suggestions?


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