Handoff and Continuity not working with native Apple WiFi card!

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Sep 26, 2016
i7-8700k @ 5 GHz OC
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Hey guys!
I installed HS on my setup a few weeks ago and everything is working very smooth including iMessages and FaceTime. I followed pastrychef’s guide for coffee lake. The only issue I am currently facing is, I bought a native support BCM94360CD from OSXWiFi a few days ago. WiFi and Bluetooth worked just fine with no hiccups. But I have been having the following problems:

1. When I am signed into my iCloud, I can't airDrop to my own devices. But, when I sign out of my iCloud account on the hackintosh, the airDrop starts detecting my devices.
2. Handoff and Continuity is showed as a option and also shows that its active, but none of the features work. I am on the same WiFi and everything is all set but even then it just doesn't work. I tried using CAT, and this is what the system diagnostics show:

--- OS X Continuity Activation Tool 2.3 ---

by sysfloat

original by dokterdok

--- Initiating system compatiblity check ---

--- Hardware/OS checks ---

Verifying Continuity status... OK. OS X reports Continuity as active

Verifying Mac model reference... WARNING. The compatibility of this Mac Model (iMac18,3) with this mod is unknown and may have unpredictable results

Verifying Mac board-id... OK. Long board id detected: Mac-BE088AF8C5EB4FA2

Verifying OS X version... Warning: This tool wasn't tested with OS X versions higher than 10.10. Detected OS version: 10.13.6

Verifying Wi-Fi hardware... WARNING. An unknown/untested AirPort card using the 'BrcmNIC' kext is active. This tool can't fix this.

Verifying AWDL status... OK. An AWDL interface is up, Wi-Fi is ready for Continuity

Verifying Bluetooth hardware... OK. 3rd party Bluetooth hardware detected

Verifying Bluetooth version... OK. Bluetooth 4.0 detected

Verifying Bluetooth features... OK. Bluetooth features are Continuity compliant

Verifying Bluetooth firmware... OK. Bluetooth firmware version: v144 c9291

Verifying Login Item... OK. Login item for Auto Continuity Check is not set.

--- Modifications check ---

Verifying OS kext protection... OK. Kext developer mode is not active. This tool can fix this.

Verifying kexts readability... OK. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth kexts were found and could be read

Verifying Wi-Fi whitelist status... OK. Your board-id is not yet whitelisted. This tool can fix this.

Verifying BT4 dongles compatibility... OK. Compatibility with BT4 USB dongles is not enabled, this tool can fix this if a dongle is plugged in

Verifying old Wi-Fi kext presence... OK. Legacy Brcm4331 Wi-Fi driver is present. This tool can fix this.

Verifying legacy Wi-Fi card patch... OK. The legacy Wi-Fi patch is not present. This tool can fix this.

I can't seem to find the problem here. Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you!

I have a serial which does NOT match a real iMac, I will also post up my EFI folder JIC.


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