Hackintosh ram reported incorrectly more :)

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Oct 15, 2015
Asus N550JV DB72TLaptop
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Should I be sad for this- Actually no!
This machine is an i7 3930K with 64 GB of ram. Asus P9x79 pro motherboard. 4GB Nvidia GTX670 VGA card. NVidia card works with native drivers.

Interestingly the amount of ram is incorrectly reported as 192 GB. I don't have any complaints about it but somewhat curious. I'm so noob with hackintoshes, however my two computers run smoothly just by chance. (May be I'm far from recognizing some detailed settings.) 4 of 8x8 GB rams are 1866mHz Komputerbay ram sticks and the other 4 are some other brand (Silicon Power I guess) with 2400mHz frequency.
First confirm that your BIOS is reporting memory correctly - Size and speed - If it's not right in the BIOS settings it will not be reported correctly in the OS.

It is probably just cosmetic but you could try Trust :


See Memory in the Clover Wiki to see how to manually enter details into your config.plist.
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If you research, as on this website and others, you will find it is not rare for the system to report incorrect ram and ram speed. Most commonly the system reports half the installed ram and at an incorrect clock speed.

You have so much RAM other factors may be causing what you see.

You absolutely should check what your BIOS reports but most likely it is correct. If you boot into Windows as well and everything is correct it is not a hardware problem (presuming mobo settings are otherwise compatible with OSX, but if they were not you probably could not boot into OSX at all). In my lifetime I have had some high end motherboards that would not work properly with all RAM slots maximally populated including my one remaining Socket 2011 machine. As such one troubleshooting scheme involves physically going down to two slots of RAM--you might have to find which two work correctly.

Some programs will not be usable with incorrectly reported RAM and RAM clock speed which, if you actually use your hack for productivity, you may encounter. In my experience Photoshop may not run and many commercial plug-ins absolutely will not run under those conditions. Photoshop is the only reason I have pursued hackintosh since Snow Leopard and so not being able to run it was a Big Deal. I also noted that the longer the system ran with incorrect settings other system functions could start flaking.

There are two easy solutions I found, buried in posts on this website, as trying to make corrections in clover configurator proved disastrous for me but others have reported success. If you make changes with cc be sure you have a backup and know how to restore the configp file.

Reboot: after a reboot the system may, at least mine always did, report correct RAM amount and clock speed and all would work. I persevered with this for a time.

The permanent solution for me was to manually update to a later version of Clover than what was packaged in Multibeast (you can find instructions)--this has provided a permanent fix and since doing it all OSX and Nvidia updates have gone smoothly and dual booting with Windows has been infallible. The native clover graphics are different from what is included in Multibeast, you can change them but why rock the boat?

In your case it could be as simple as an incorrect system definition (just a hunch as the system reports a 2010 Mac Pro for a socket 2011 motherboard).

Although it has nothing to do with your RAM problem you should see improved graphic performance, unless you use a low resolution monitor, with the nVidia drivers. That has been my experience with monitors of varying resolutions and gamuts up to 4k.
I was having the same issue with my Asus P9x79 Pro and 48GB of RAM (6x 8GB Chips) and MacOS 10.12.6. I know this is old, but I wanted to share a possible solution which is working for so far and did not require a Clover update pass the current version of Multibeast for Sierra which I recently used to install a fresh OS. Here is my original install screenshot, which shows the wired memory in Activity Monitor as way to big (16TB) and would cause strange issues with Photoshop and other "pro" software. BIOS and Windows all showed the correct RAM and no errors, so it was definitely a Hackintosh only issue.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 1.23.08 AM.png

I was able to fix it by doing the following (not sure which step fixed it exactly)

1. Updated Clover configurator to latest version ( from version 4)
2. Added boot flag
3. Reboot (no change)
3. Cleared out all ram entries in SMBIOS Section, unchecked "Trust"
4. reboot (no change)
5. Re-added all memory details as follows

  • Channels: Tripple Channel (6 ram chips used)
  • Slot Count = 8
  • Re-enable "Trust"
  • Add all 6 chips individually in the memory area with slots labeled 1-6 consecutively (even though slots 2 and 7 are empty per Asus instructions on optimal memory installation for 6 chips) Size = 8192, 1600 MHz, Vendor = Kingston, Part = KHX1600C9D3/8GX, Type = DDR3, Serial = unknown (I actually put in the real serial number for the 1st ram chip but left the rest as unknown)
  • reboot
As you can see from the screenshot attached to the bottom of this post, Activity Monitor is now showing normal Mac numbers for Wired Memory, Memory Pressure and Physical Memory. About this Mac shows all RAM even though the "empty" ram slots graphic is inaccurate. And, in the system profiler, the RAM shows as ECC: Disabled, so there is no need to worry about kernel panics and/or removing AppleTYMECD.kext. Most importantly, I am very happy :lol:

I read on another forum that syntax on the SMBIOS for RAM is very finicky, so pay attention that all information is entered as per instructions here

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.03.46 PM.png

Thanks neofusion for the help and hope this helps someone else (or me) in the future. Also, if you are looking to get full speedsteps enabled on the P9x79 Pro and the 3930k, I can confirm that Shilohh's files will enable it on this board and it works great. Just follow the instructions and use the R4E files (R4BE files will not work with this board) -

Also, I wanted to add that I am able to run my hack with a MacPro 6,1 SMBIOS definition thanks entirely to the hard work of Shilohh and his available files.
I have a hi sierra hackintosh; but my ram speed not showing 3200 but 2133, can you tell me how i can change it in unibeast? Thanks
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