Hackintosh & RAID 0

May 7, 2017
Mac Pro
On my production Mac Pro I have the system and applications on one drive and my data sits on RAID0. I clone weekly and time machine hourly. Been running that way since 2010. The cool part of a hackintosh to me is the ability to build using newer faster drive connects. M2 drive will give you plenty of performance even on a single drive. I will bet a data drive that is raid will not have the same issues.
Jul 9, 2017
Hardware RAIDS are very stable and extremely fast. I did one way back in the G4 days with four 10,000 RPM WESTERN DIGITAL Enterprise drives and an ATTO Card. Atto makes the best drivers for OSX operating systems. Adaptec isn't any good, their drivers are junk on the Mac side. I'm not sure about the Hackintosh. Some things you can use RAIDS for. In Photoshop you can use the RAID as your scratch disk and same with Premiere and Final Cut. This will knock rendering times to a fraction of what they would be. Put your final output to a non RAID main drive for stability. NEVER RUN YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM OFF A RAID 0. It will crash and become inoperable, or at least that is what happened to me after two days. I do not know how they would work with a Hackintosh. AN SSD RAID would have ridiculous speeds. RAID systems are best for rendering video and would really help with 4K. Adobe After Effects and Flash are RAM sensitive applications and do not focus on utilizing a scratch disk so more RAM works better for most animation applications. I'm not sure if 3D applications benefit from a RAID or not. It would depend on how they utilize a scratch disk for rendering. One problem with A RAID system is it can make things such as alert messages come up too fast. You can put your applications folder on the RAID and keep your boot system off of it. A RAID system will really make you wonder if processor speeds at this point mean anything. The Mac Pro Tower in 2012 was the last system you could really do this with from apple without spending an additional 3,000 for a thunderbolt to raid enclosure without any hard drives (another 3,000 to 4,000).,{creative},{keyword}&gclid=CIKs34XF_tQCFU9gfgodv1kDTQ&is=REG&sku=1281190
They have replacement sleds online that will hold two ssd drives specifically for that purpose. A mac pro tower could become an 8 drive raid system and you move your boot drive to the unused optical bay. I guess the other optical bay could be used for the extra power you will need for the top of the line graphics card. Those top of the line graphics cards always need an internal sata port.
Whoever said RAIDS don't matter has never worked with a hardware RAID and has never done a lot of video or heavy image editing.

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