Hackintosh in an iMac 27 end 2012

Sep 25, 2018
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Good morning/afternoon/evening all potential helpers ;-)

My 1st post on the forum (I scare a bit...)!
After crawling days on the forum I decided to buid up my 1st Hackintosh with bascally a Gigabyte Z370 MB, a Gigabyte GTX 480 GC, plus 16Go RAM, a 500TB SSD M2 HD and another 4TB 3'5 HD and finally a i7 CPU.
This is what I plan to buy. It should work, following all the successful experiences reported on the forum.

However my iMac is fully functional but I understand that I will not be able to use the iMac screen as an external monitor eventhough my GC has a Thunderbold port as Apple does not allow it if I go with the above configuration.

Therefore a silly question comes to my mind. Would it be possible, to make it simple in the idea, to "open" the iMac (I know it is complicated..) remove and then replace the selected components one by one?

I suspect beyond properly opening the iMac, that I may face problems of space and cooling. Am I right? Should I forget this idea?
Did some did it and succeed? I did not find any topic about this possibility.

Waiting for your comments :)
Feb 22, 2011
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I think that you are not going able to fit everything inside the slim iMac version that you have.
Maybe an itx mobo with a really small and thin cpu heatsink, and using only intel igpu.

Do you know your screen's serial number? With that, you can search for a compatible display controller board that should allow you to use it as an external display, but in this way, you are going to extract original iMac parts an replace it with this controller board and a psu for it. Usually a 12v, 6-8 amperes psu.

For A1311 and A1312 iMacs it's really easy to find this controller board on ebay or amazon, but not sure fore your A1419. If you post your display's serial number, we can try to search it.

Anyway, I think it would also be difficult to accommodate the controller board and psu inside your slim iMac, I never seen this before.

As your computer is still full alive and Mojave capable, I don't see a real reason to do this kind of experiments with it.