Hackintosh boots but no signal to display, mouse or keyboard

Mar 6, 2013
Gigabyte Z370XP SLI<
Radeon RX 580 8 GB
iMac, MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
Yes I know this sounds like every other Hackintosh problem but I have been experiencing some strange things.
The first time a leaved my Hackintosh on all night, I was watching Netflix and fell sleep. When I woke up it was in the clover boot menu, like restart it during the night. It booted normally to macOS. Several minutes later it just went off. Like it was disconnected from power source. Then rebooted and clover boot screen again and macOS again. But then it went off again, this time much faster. Anyway the point is that the Hackintosh stopped booting, just powering on and almost immediately going off again. I reseted CMOS trying to get into Backup BIOS. I managed to do it after several days of trying. I restored the BIOS and everything seemed fine. This lasted like a week and the began again. This time I managed to get into backup BIOS at the first or second try. But the Macintosh powered off in the middle of the process. And then started again to only start for a few seconds and then powering off (even the fans started for a second or two).

The strange thing is that if I placed the little switches to start only in single mode BIOS (In the "2" position") the PC starts, the fans and the HDD kick in and does not power off. But does not send signal to the display, mouse or keyboard. This happened several times. The way I manage to enter in the recovery BIOS was using only one RAM stick. I manage to make it boot again but only one hour later this started again. I manage to the recovery BIOS again using the one stick of RAM method. I am writing this form my Hackintosh.

So if you read all this, thank you and this is are my questions: Could this be a BIOS corrupted? Do I need to flash a new BIOS? Or maybe a clover/plist issue? I am expecting to happen again any minute. Anyway if someone has advice it will be very welcome.

P.S. My Hackinstosh specs are the ones in my signature.