Hackintosh Apollo Twin Usb

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Dec 5, 2016
Hello Guys and congrats for your wonderful forum, just wanted to know if my apollo twin usb (normally for pc, but i am on my pc using hackintosh) could work in my hackintosh actually on osx sierra ? Are kexts existing for this ?

Thanks for your replies .
I don't think that USB will work with OSX period because they haven't written any drivers for it (if it doesn't work on a "real" mac then it won't work on a hackintosh). The USB version of the interface was meant for Windows exclusively. However, I'd like to bump this because I've been searching through the forums for a hackintosh compatible motherboard that has thunderbolt on it so that I can use either version of the Apollo interface with a hackintosh, and so far I haven't found anything.
....And that's really too bad because I'm certain that writing the Thunderbolt driver, especially the Thunderbolt 3 driver for the Arrow, was much more involved. It's absurd that

If UAD creates an Ethernet card (Dante/Audinate) to replace the Thunderbolt 2 card in the Apollo 8, I'll buy it. I wouldn't buy another TB interface or any interface that doesn't support power on/power off –and proven on my machine.
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