Hack to use WiFi with unsupported cards (like Intel Centrino Adavanced 6205 N)

May 30, 2013
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hi folks,

I purchased a huggable x220 in a fortunate deal from a local company. Deal is, it comes with a 3 years worth of warrenty on site which I don't want to mess with. I have made my x220 a hackintosh with Mountain Lion. Almost everything is working leaving WiFi, which is kinda sad. However, I have found a workaround for my predicament using my Android based Nexus 4, but I guess this will work with any Gingerbread and later based Android mobile. It allows me to connect to any wifi network in vicinity and lets me access the internet. Further I also get to use the internet from my 'droid 3g as well. Here is how I do it :-

1. Install H0rNDIS pkg, this will allow you to tether your 'Droid to laptop using USB.

2. Now with your 3g enabled connect your 'Droid to your hackintosh with USB.

3. On your 'Droid, go to settings -> (More ..) -> Portable Network -> Tethering and Wifi Hotspot -> Enable USB tethering.

4. Connect your 'Droid's WiFi to the network desired.

5. Disable your 'Droid's 3G

6. Enjoy WiFi network from your Hackintosh.

Please note this will not exactly allow you some cool Apple stuff like AirDrop etc, but oh well, something better than nothing I guess?

PS : I am sure I am not the guy who invented this hack, some other folks surely must have discovered it before me, but oh well. I will leave it here so someone can use hackintosh without replacing their WiFi or carrying around a USB Wifi.

PPS: I love my x220 hackintosh and Nexus 4 combo :)