[GUIDE] SFP+ 10Gb Optical Fiber macOS Ventura


Have you tried disabling Wake for network access as follows?
Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 10.54.47 AM.png
@CaseySJ yes! I tried disabling both wake for network access and power nap, but I still get instant wake.
(Usually I have them on)
I wonder if that's the same problem that affects built-in 10GbE on Asus motherboards. When a network cable is connected, sleep fails.

If you disconnect the cable, does sleep work?
Now I'll try and I'll tell you. I only have 1Gb on my Asus, sleep works with cable attached. Probably related to Asus 10Gb built in Ethernet.
Let me try one min

Wow!! You are a genious!
Without cable perfect sleep!!
NO instant wake
Is there a fix to this? Probably all the Asus 10gb are like this.
Otherwise, I can send it back to Amazon and buy another Aquantia chip based Ethernet card but of another brand.

Thank you!!!
Is there a fix to this? Probably all the asus 10gb are like this.
Otherwise I can send it back to Amazon and buy another aquantia chip based ethernet card but of another brand.

Thank you!!!
I have Asus Z690 ProArt Creator with built-in AQC-113. Sleep fails when cable is connected. We have been trying to find a solution for many months, but not successful.

On my Gigabyte Z390 Designare (Intel CPU) and B550 Vision D (AMD Ryzen CPU) I have Gigabyte GC-AQC113C. I use a simple SSDT to spoof the device ID because it uses a slightly different controller.

But sleep works properly with cable connected (both Monterey and Ventura).

I don't know if this card is still available.

Most AQC-107 cards should work properly (i.e. no sleep issue).
@CaseySJ not on z690 but on z790 ProArt I've noticed a weird behavior, the network lights blink even when the system is powered off, so might be one of the reasons why we're having a sleep issues, it doesn't properly shut it off. Need to install windows and see if it repeats.
Thanks!! I was getting crazy.
I will send this back to Amazon and order a new one.
I searched for that GC-AQC113C but I am not able to find that in Italy :(
I will order this as soon as i get refund:


Thank you!!

Without you I would have spent the night trying to fix this
(It’s the only one I’m able to find in Italy Aquantia other than the Asus, on Amazon and other famous sites)