[GUIDE] Lenovo Ideapad S540-14IWL - (Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.4 with Clover) and (MacOS 11 BigSur with OpenCore)

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Nov 3, 2012
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Installation of Mac Os on a Lenovo Ideapad s540-14IWL

The specs of the machine are as follows:
(CPU) Intel Core i5-8265U

IPS Panel 14 " 1920x1080


Intel UHD Graphics 620

SSD 256 GB (and a second 256 GB added by me)

DW1820a wifi and bluetooth (replaced the original Intel card)

O2 SD Card Reader,

USB 3.1,


Fingerprint sensor.

Github repo :

  1. Everything works, except of the fingerprint sensor (which will never work). I have disabled it by adding to boot arguments in config.plist the following
  2. In Catalina the touchpad is in polling mode. In BigSur its in pinning mode.
  3. This guide is based on a disabled CFG lock for both Catalina and BigSur. There are details below on how to access hidden bios settings.

Finaly, this whole project would not be possible whithout the help and patience of marianopela (, and the geniuses of Rehabman and Daliansky.

GUIDE for people with the same laptop:

BE VERY CAREFULL, THIS PART IS IMPORTANT and I am not responsible if you mess it up!!!!!!!

[Credit goes to Diliansky (]

Enter BIOS, set onekeybattery to disabled, save and exit. Power button to turn on → F2 to enter the normal BIOS → Power button to turn off → then press the following keys in sequence:

F1 → 1 → Q → A → Z

F2 → 2 → W → S → X

F3 → 3 → E → D → C

F4 → 4 → R → F → V

F5 → 5 → T → G → B

F6 → 6 → Y → H → N

Turn on the power button → F2 enters the hidden BIOS (if unsuccessful, please speed up your hand and try again). Then go to:

Advanced → Power & Performance → CPU-Power Management Control → CPU Lock Configuration → CFG Lock → Disabled

As always then

  1. Create a bootable installation of Mac os x Catalina or BigSur.
  2. Mount EFI partition of the bootable media.
  3. Replace EFI file of your installation media with my EFI ( (clover EFI for Catalina - OpenCore EFI for BigSur).
  4. Open config.plist and insert appropriate platform info (serial, UUID etc).
  5. Boot from the bootable media, install, mount EFI partition of the installation HD laptop, replace the EFI folder with the EFI on the USB, enjoy.
  6. You might want to change clover or OpenCore boot entries, since I have a manjaro linux installation on the second NVME.

UPDATE 10-12-2020
1. Opencore 0.6.4
2. Overall cleanup of EFI and config.plist
3. Fix a sneaky ACPI (POWS) error that presented in console when you plugged or unplugged powe
4. Better power consumption at idle (can be reduced even more with voltageshift)
5. 1-2 seconds slower boot.

Note: If you dual boot with linux on a second HD, avoid booting into it with open core. Use bios menu to boot directly to grub. Although all amls are with "If (_OSI ("Darwin")) {}" we still have ACPI injection in linux and it messes things up....!!! seriously messes things up!!!!

As always cudos to Marianopela (

Since I have moved to OpenCore and BigSur, I will probably not be able to provide help for Catalian and Clover any more .


EFI for BigSur with OpenCore attached

  1. This project started for educational purposes.
  2. The data, guides etc of this project are provided as they are.
  3. I take no responsibility for any problem or damage to any person or property caused directly or indireclty because of the use of any data or guide etc of this project.


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Photos of the laptop and of Intel Power Gadget running at idle


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UPDATE 24-3-2020:
No ACPI errors...
Best power consumption so far
Hi dear.. i have Lenovo S540-15IWL my Os is Catalina and work fine.. buy i would you help for fix Battery ACPI, HDMI and Touchpad please
Hi dear.. i have Lenovo S540-15IWL my Os is Catalina and work fine.. buy i would you help for fix Battery ACPI, HDMI and Touchpad please

Lucatek your laptop is completely different.

Try this EFI
UPDATE 7-4-2020
Updated clover to r5018
Updated kexts
System updated to 10.15.4
Installed DW1820a (wifi and bluetooth working normally)
Updated CPUFriend and created a new CPU Friend data provider kext with low battery consumption in mind
With wifi and bluetooth power consumption is much higher, I am working on it.
As always create your own S/N, SmUUID and Custom UUID
What do I need to change for same laptop with a 10th gen i5
What do I need to change for same laptop with a 10th gen i5

check this
and this

xiaoxin is the same laptop.
Be carefull if you have an iwl, don’t copy the .aml files in ACPI/PATCHED folders of these builds
Also be very very careful that you don't download an EFI configured for disabled CFG lock. I will update my guide today for access to "hidden" BIOS settings that allow to disable CFG lock
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