[Guide] Intel NUC7/NUC8 using Clover UEFI (NUC7i7Bxx,NUC8i7Bxx,etc)

Heads up, AirportItlwm.kext 1.3.0 has been released. I did a comparison with 1.2.0 and see significant speed increases.

Before: 55mbps/10.2 up
After: 219.22 mbps/10.72 up

Booted under Windows and/or using ethernet on macOS, I get 235 down and the same up, so very close.

The main difference is that AirportItlwm is still limited to wireless N mode (300Mbps max) and the Windows driver supports AC (780/866 Mbps rx/tx were the numbers reported in Windows).

No changes/improvements with airdrop / connecting to hotspots.

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@markfultonncl sorry for stupid questions. How do I update the AirportItlwm to the new 1.3.0 version?
Same as any kext, download it and add it to the kext folder making sure it’s called for in the kernel/ add section of your config.plist assuming you are using OpenCore.
Edit: I’m pretty sure I have an older version version of it in on page 90 of this thread in the 6.8 version. You would only need to replace the kext with the newer version. By itself your wireless work, there is additional configuration needed, that or also download the Heliport App.
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@markfultonncl sorry for stupid questions. How do I update the AirportItlwm to the new 1.3.0 version?

Like Leesureone mentioned if you're already using an older version of AirportItlwm (referenced in your config.plist), just overwrite the kext with the new one in your EFI/OC/kexts folder and reboot.

The good news is that based on GitHub commits it looks like the next version (2.0) will have AC support, so this will further close the gap on connection speeds compared to official drivers for other OS.

11ac and 11ax implemented.

Now fingers crossed they can do more for continuity/handoff features as well and this will negate the need for Broadcom nvme cards.
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Is there any progress for Intel Nuc11?
Is there any progress for Intel Nuc11?
As far as I know the NUC11 are few and far between, one site that typically sells all flavors of NUC (Simply NUC) show all of them as unavailable. All NUC11's feature 11 generation CPUs which is an issue being there is no support for them in OSXI. Even in the desktop segment 11th generation CPUs are not being recommended for the same reason. Some of us have 10th generation supported CPUs running on 500 series motherboards, without an external graphics card we have been unable to get accelerated video and USB configuration is wierd.

Like some of the 10th Generation NUC10s they will likely require CPU emulation to be able to boot and graphics performance will be poor. If you do have the ability to buy one I wouldn't bother at this time.
@Leesureone Thanks heaps for keeping page 90 files up to date. I want to do a clean install of Big Sur on my Nuc8i7BEH and downloaded your and copied both "OC" and "Boot" to EFI folder I created on the USB. My existing nuc Catalina is using your Clover files so I'm new to OC. I watched some videos online and I thought I did it right.
Also when I used apples terminal command it didn't create a hidden EFI patition so I did it manually.

Problem is when I boot the nuc using F10 there is no bootloader to choose to boot at present.
Thanks in advance.

I'm formatting and doing all again to see if I messed up somewhere.
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Hi @spottsy, its been a while, hope all is well. So I used to recommend anyone wanting to create a bootable USB drive to use Unibeast and follow the how to guide that supported it but there isn't a Big Sur version (probably because it gets too complicated with how Clover needs to be configured to work with BS and actually work).

When I want to create a bootable drive I format it first with Disk Utility to create a 16 GB GUID Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition and I name it "MyVolume". Then I use the terminal "Create Media" command to copy the install files over. Here's the link to the commands by OS X version. (make sure you have already downloaded Big Sur already from the App Store).

It takes quite a while for that process to complete but terminal will let you know progress. I always adjust my power settings to keep the machine from trying to go to sleep, had some aborted attempts because of that.

Then once done I use EFI Agent to mount the hidden EFI partition on the drive (OpenCore Configurator will work but I don't recommend it for anything else) and delete anything in there. Then empty the trash and copy and paste my EFI folder over to it. Makes sure the folder is only named "EFI" when done and that should boot.
Your a champ thanks. I'll do that now and get back to you. Thanks for the opencore files that is all the hard work of hackintosh which I cannot do. I'll let you know how I go.

Install has started. I got worried there when I booted the USB I briefly got to see the boot and reset nvram icons and then it just did pages and pages of white test scrolling past but eventually it started the install process so it is installing now. Is the white text normal for OC install?

Also I checked unibeast for Big sur support but as you said it is only Catalina for now. In time I guess.

Anyway thanks for confirming the process. Looking forward to Big Sur and playing with OC and getting to know it.

I think the timeout is short is why I didn't get to choose as the install just rebooted and chose before I can click all good. I'm guessing verbose mode is the white text?
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