[Guide] HP 15AY039WM - High Sierra 10.13.5

Aug 20, 2017
Intel HD 520
Mobile Phone


Just wanted to give a big thank you to RehabMan for all the laptop tutorials, contributions, and resources. It would not have been possible to do without you!

Things That Work:
  • Power Management
  • Audio
  • Sleep/Wake
  • Lid
  • CD Drive
  • App Store
  • Ethernet
  • Keyboard/Trackpad
  • Brightness
  • Full Video Acceleration
  • USB
  • Battery Percentage
  • HDMI Video and Audio Out
  • Sound control keyboard keys
  • SD Card Reader
  • WiFi (With DW1560)
  • Bluetooth
  • Webcam
  • iCloud
Things That I Have Not Tested:
  • iMessage

Things That Don't Work:
  • Brightness Keys
  • Airplane Mode Key
  • Media Control Keys

Kexts You Will Need:

Part 0: What you need to know before starting the tutorial

I am not responsible for any damage to your computer in any way. Continue at your own risk.

To have success you will need to have some knowledge of your EFI partition, the terminal, and hardware skills if you want to change the WiFi card.

Part 1: Setup up Install USB

I used this guide here so if you need more detail go here:

The first thing is you need to find a flash drive, 8GB minimum for the install drive. You need either a real mac or one in a virtual machine to create your installer. And another flash drive to put the kexts and installers on, this one doesn't need to be very big.

You are also going to need these files in addition to the kexts.
Once you have all these files downloaded, copy them and all the kexts to a flash drive for post installation.

If you have a real mac just skip this paragraph. I don't want to link the images for vmware since it might be considered piracy, so just google it and find a tutorial on how to set up a virtual machine so you can download. And then you can just hook your flash drive up to the virtual machine.

Now that you have access to macos, download High Sierra from the App Store. Once it is done downloading plug your flash drive in and format the whole thing in disk utility. After that is done, open terminal and run this command replacing NAME with the name of your flash drive partition.

sudo "/Applications/Install macOS High" --volume  /Volumes/NAME --nointeraction
Run the clover installer and choose your flash drive as the install drive. But you NEED to click on customize, select "UEFI Booting Only" and in drivers deselect VBoxHFS and select AptioMemoryFix.

After the clover installation, your EFI partition should be mounted. Open the clover EFI folder and copy these kexts to the "kexts/Other" folder. These are just the ones needed for installation to boot. And so you can make sure your battery doesn't die while it is installing.
  • ACPI Battery Manager
  • FakeSMC
  • IntelGraphicsFixup
  • Lilu
  • VoodooPS2Controller
Next, open the drivers64UEFI folder and copy HFSPlus.efi into it.

The final step for setting up the installation drive is to copy the config.plist you downloaded to the clover folder and replace the original one.

Part 2: Installation

Restart your computer and use F10 to enter the BIOS. Turn off VT-d, and if you want to set your flash drive as the first boot device just so its easier to get into it. Or you can just use the boot menu with F9.

Boot from the flash drive and select "Install High Sierra". Once the installer loads up select disk utility. In disk utility click the icon at the top right and select "All Devices". Select your hard drive and erase it with "macOS Extended Journaled". After the wipe is done you can close disk utility and start the installation.

Once it reboots, use clover on the flash drive to boot the installer from your hard drive. The installer is going to reboot in the beginning and the computer will say there is no OS after it reboots. Just shut it down and boot from clover again and continue the installation.

Once the installation finishes, go through the prompts and once you are at the desktop continue to part 3.

Part 3: Post Installation

Plug in your flash drive with all the files you downloaded earlier. Run the clover installer with the same options as the USB drive, but install to your hard drive this time.

Your EFI partition should be mounted, open the clover folder and do all the things you did to create the USB installer, except install ALL the kexts instead of just the essential ones.

At this point, reboot to make sure you can boot off of clover from your hard drive. If you can't then you did a step wrong.

Now open clover configurator and mount your EFI. Open the config.plist in the main clover folder. Goto the Devices tab and where it says Audio, put a 3 in Inject.

Follow this tutorial here to get your computer properly set up so iCloud and the App Store will work.

Reboot after those steps, now audio and iCloud should be working.

The next guide to follow will set up lid sleep and display brightness.

Now you should have display brightness and lid sleep working.

If HDMI audio is important to you, plug in your HDMI display and run this script here to get it working.

Follow this guide to patch your DSDT because there needs to be an edit to it. You do not need to worry about the SSDTs

After patching your DSDT open it up and find the GLAN device. and remove this block of code. This prevents the laptop from waking on lan. I had problems with it doing that.

            Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized)  // _PRW: Power Resources for Wake
                Return (Package (0x02)

Now your computer should be fully working, except for WiFi. If you want WiFi then goto the next step.

Setting up WiFi:

If you want to set up WiFi, then you are going to need to order a card off of eBay. the card you need is the DW1560 or BCM94352z

Once you get the card you are going to have to use electrical tape to tape 2 pins on the card. If you want to read the information on why check it out here. If not just tape these pins.

Note: Only one antenna connector will reach from the laptop to the port on the card. This is all you need. My signal is just as good as the intel one that comes with this laptop.

To install the WiFI card follow the guide by HP on page 62. There is no whitelist on this laptop.

After you install the card in your computer, download these kexts and install them in the "kexts/Other" folder.
Reboot and you should have WiFi and Bluetooth working!

5ghz and AC both work.


This is a great laptop to Hackintosh. Everything that is important should work. I hope that everything worked for you and enjoy you Hackintosh laptop!