[GUIDE] How to Generate a Haswell-Era Smbios for Chimera/Chameleon

Jul 19, 2012
Classic Mac
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Hello all,

After having to do this myself I figured I'd write a guide for documentation.

Note: This is not for clover users.


  1. A Working Mac/Hackintosh (Doesn't have to be the computer you're trying to install OS X on)
  2. A working or planned install of either chimera or chameleon (Again, won't work with Clover)
  3. Chameleon Wizard (Link)
  4. Clover Configurator (Link)
  5. An Idea of which mac your computer best matches to.
  6. Patience (It shouldn't take more than five minutes)

Once you have Clover Configurator and Chameleon Wizard installed, first open Clover Configurator
and If this popup appears (doesn't matter because you're not using clover), hit no.


Then you will be greeted by this screen,


At the top there is a Smbios tab, click that and you should end up here,


Then click the "magic wand" icon to see the following pop-up,


Then on the top left there is a large white/blank click down box, click it and you will see all available Smbioses that Clover Configurator can generate.


For this example and my laptop, I will be using MacBookPro11,2.


Once you're at your respective screen, it's time to open Chameleon Wizard which at first looks like this:


Then you should notice that chameleon wizard also has a Smbios tab at the top, click that. What appears next will depend on what system you're trying this on and if you have a Smbios already installed. For me it looks like this:


From here, either create an Smbios, or hit edit, and you should get something like this,


Then pull Clover Configurator back up next to Chameleon wizard and you should notice that a lot of the data fields match up by name. All you have to do is copy the corresponding numbers/serials generated by Clover Configurator into Chameleon Wizard (see below),


All you have to do once you're done copying the values over is hit Save. If you're creating a Smbios for the first time, be sure to save as SMBios.plist to the directory /Extra (referenced below). If you're doing this from another computer, be sure to save to some other location and copy the Smbios over to your working install in the extra folder.


I hope this guide is straightforward enough and I thank you for taking the time to read it! I your have any corrections/advice, please let me know! :thumbup: