[GUIDE] How to definitely get the grey Apple Boot-Up BLACK! Stretched boot's no more! (Hex Editing)

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Feb 7, 2011
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Hey guys!

I'm here to teach how get your grey Apple Boot Screen in BLACK! So, those guys who have a Graphics Card that don't have Vesa options to boot in the right resolution... You can make all the thing black with an Apple Logo in the center. It looks awesome!
I spend like a month searching in every forum at the web how to do it, but i found no way that works for me. I'm was considering change my Gtx460 just because this little issue i was having.
So, i found one guy in YouTube that knew how to do it. I talked to him and he teach me! Now i'm here sharing knowledge.

Let's start:

YouTube link to see how it will be:

Step 1- Make All Files appear (Terminal command for Mavericks: "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true" no quotes) (No "-boolean" for other OS). Then, "killall Finder" command.

Step 2- Go to your hard drive directory and you will see a "boot" file. Backup this file and open the "boot" file with (my option) Hex Fiend (

Step 3- In Hex Fiend program, tap Command+F and write "BFBFBF"(No quotes), press enter, and you will see the BF BF BF line.

Step 4- One at time, erase BF and Write 00 (3x) So, there's no more "BF's" (which is the Grey color in Hex).

Step 5- Save and restart.

Step 6- Enjoy your new Apple Black Screen Boot-up!

*You must mod the "logo.png" in Extra/Theme's folder to get another Apple logo who will be nice with the Black color, and maybe you will need to resize the "logo.png".
*And you must know that the Apple spinning wheel will despair. (If anyone know's how to make it visible, it will be great)

I wanna say Thank you to Nick Akey, who is the guy of the YouTube video that teach me how to do it!

That's it Guys!
I hope you like it.


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Aug 22, 2012
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This is awesome!
I finally got rid of the stretched gray box and put in a custom boot logo while I was at it:

Aug 16, 2012
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There is an actual fix for the overscanning that the Syncmaster does, its actually has to do with the BIOS (I happen to have the exact same mobo+GPU+Monitor config that the video does)

The UEFI Bios is running in CSM mode. This is to maintain backward compatibility with legacy BIOS, the legacy BIOS doesn't support the high resolutions that monitors come in these days, so the BIOS, and consequently the boot up sequence afterward, are running at a low resolution. The Syncmaster is pretty bad about not scaling low resolutions properly.

To have the UEFI and bootsplash of any OS run at native resolution, without the overscanning. You have to disable CSM, this effectively makes your motherboard pure UEFI, which does support high resolutions.

You also need your GPU's BIOS to support non CSM UEFI, otherwise you can't disable CSM. Chances are good that your GPU does NOT support non CSM UEFI. Most GPU venders will give you a UEFI supporting VBIOS upon request, I was able to do so quite easily with MSI. Your mileage may vary with other vendors.

The VBIOS for UEFI supports high resolution VESA. But it only works with CSM disabled, enable it again, even with the supporting VBIOS will revert to the low resolution.

If you do this boot splashes now run at native resolution, without hacks, this includes Windows as well. (Though if you installed Windows while under CSM, then its most likely a MBR partition and not GPT, which means that your bios will not see it without CSM)

The catch is that for OS X Chameleon doesn't work in pure UEFI, only with CSM enabled. You would have to use the Clover boot loader, which does support UEFI booting (its designed for it).

As a fun fact: Your black boot splash trick is exactly what Microsoft does for the Windows bootsplash.
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