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Jun 27, 2011
Asus P9X79 Pro-2104
2x GTX 680
Hi there,

Here are my key PC specs:
  • Intel DX58SO (5600 BIOS)
    • Default options with these changes
    • Default SATA AHCI
    • 3rd party SATA - disabled
    • VT options - disabled
    • UEFI - enabled
  • Intel i7-930 @ stock
  • Intel X-25 40gb SATA SSD (on port 1)
  • nVidia GTX 980 Ti
Here are the steps:
  • Had to have an actual Mac where
    • I downloaded Mojave from Mac App Store
    • Downloaded UniBeast - for Mojave
    • Downloaded MultiBeast - for Mojave
    • Setup the USB flashdrive for Mojave by
      • Using Disk Utility - erase it to MBR/Mac OS Extended Journaled ; labeling it as USB
      • Run Unibeast and select Legacy option
    • Copy MultiBeast onto the USB flashdrive
    • Unmount to eject the USB flash drive
  • Going back to the PC to install Mojave by
    • Insert the USB that we just created and booting to the USB flash drive (press F10 on the POST) then selecting drive (USB flashdrive) in the Clover menu to boot into Mojave installation
    • From the Mojave installation, go to disk utility to format the SSD - important to choose combination of GUID/APFS as the filesystem - label the SSD to MacOSX
    • Start the actual Mojave installation -- which is the first phase only of the installation. It will (prematurely) reboot at 2 mins
    • Boot back to the USB flashdrive BUT selecting the Install Mojave on MacOSX. Do not confuse with the one labeled pre-boot (do not choose that).
    • Once selected, it resume Mojave installation. Then it will gracefully reboot
    • Boot again from the USB flashdrive then selecting again the drive (with the now appropriate label) MacOSX and it should boot onto your USB.
    • From the initial Mojave setup, choose not to use Network as the NIC is not detected yet. Continue until you can go to the Mojave Desktop.
    • Once on the desktop, you should see your flashdrive mounted. Open it and run MultiBeast.
      • Using the template I had, import it. Install MultiBeast. FYI MultiBeast setting contains
        • Quick Start > Clover UEFI Boot Mode
        • Audio > Apple ALC
        • FakeSMC
        • Network > Intel > AppleIntelE1000e v3.3.6
        • Bootloaders > Clover UEFI Boot Mode
        • System Definitions > iMac 14,2
        • Graphics > Nvidia Web Drivers Boot Flag
      • Unmount to eject the USB flashdrive. Remove the flash drive. Reboot
      • Upon reboot, you should see Clover boot screen with the partitions shown, just choose MacOSX then you're good to go.
Hope this helps people that had similar problems as I initially faced setting up macOS, let alone Mojave. lol
So far, I am in the same bandwagon that is also waiting for nVidia web drivers to support my GPU. Resolution is at 1080p anyways, so that's okay for now for general web browsing.


Here's my video of it in action


  • DX58SOMjoave.mb
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May 17, 2019
RX 570
I have problem booting with my clover config can you attach your clover.plist?