[Guide] Dell XPS 15 9560: 4K Touch, 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM, 100% AdobeRGB

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Jun 27, 2017
Dell XPS 15 9560
Gtx 1050m
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For anybody that wants to try, i have OpenCore 0.0.3 working for Dell XPS 9560 to boot MacOS. I can't get BrcmpatchRAM2 to load for bluetooth to work. If anyone can look into that and help with that, it'll be a good thing. Any modifications or fixes is welcomed also.

Any chance you'll be releasing an updated version for the newest Open Core?
Jun 1, 2019
Dell 0r6jfh
HD 630
Mobile Phone
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After several weeks of toiling (it's July already?!), here's a new audio solution for perfect working audio. I basically ported the linux driver and created a GUI popup menu to configure the combo jack (see screenshot).

  • Fully working Combo Jack! (Heaphones, headset, AND line-in!)
  • New verb sending kext (no more need for CodecCommander on systems without EAPD troubles; VerbStub is simply a direct port of hda-verb for Linux)
  • Launchdaemon with Windows-like pop-up menu monitors the jack for insertion
  • Automatic OMTP (Nokia)/CTIA (iPhone) detection for headsets!
  • Fully commented sources
  • Line-in mode disables audio output. I haven't been able to re-enable the speakers when the jack is purely an input, but that's the only "issue"
  • Zero "no audio after sleep" issues so far
  • Make sure to turn off "Use ambient noise reduction" when using an input that isn't the internal Mic (unless you find that it helps)
How does it work?

Simple! Due to the way the Realtek codec is set up on this machine, the ComboJack program watches the jack and switches the codec selector (node 0x22) to the correct input after applying all the requisite processing coefficients and pin widgets. This means that Mac OS only sees a built-in mic, but behind the scenes it actually is connecting to the headset and line-in ports. This works because all input paths lead through selector node 0x22 and into capture node 0x09, and the OS only acknowledges the capture node.

How to install (uses modded AppleALC):
  1. Disable SIP (I use 0x67 for CSRActiveConfig and 0xEE for booterconfig)
  2. Remove ALCPlugFix from /usr/bin (may need to kill with Activity Monitor first)
  3. Remove from /Library/LaunchAgents (may need to launchctl unload first)
  4. Remove CodecCommander from Clover/kexts/Other (unless you need it, but it looks like the 9560 doesn't)
  5. Copy VerbStub.kext to EFI/Clover/kexts/Other
  6. Copy AppleALC to EFI/Clover/kexts/Other
  7. Change layout-id to 72 (in SSDT-Config -- 0x48 is hex)
  8. Run and read what it says
  9. Reboot (and enable SIP if you want)!
Download "ComboJack" and "" for everything. The other zips are sources.
(Also included in "ComboJack Installer" is a folder containing the platform, layout, and pinconfigs used.)
how do I remove from usr/bin

Edit: Hackintool has a tool for "disable gatekeeper and mount in r/w."
I used that and run the by writing ./ in terminal in the folder where the script is.

Thanks for the help.
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