[Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide

Hey! Just found this thread, but I'm not how much of the stuff is applicable for me as I have an 9350 (the i5 6200U version). Does anyone know if there is major differences? I'm having trouble with battery drainage and not getting multiple screens from TB3 / USBC and looking for any guidance. Any help would be highly appreciated!
Hi Everyone!

I have Sierra installed on the XPS 13 9360 16GB RAM since 2017 with Clover and wanted to upgrade to Big Sur or High Sierra. I have a few questions if someone can shed some light:

Which one is better for XPS 13 9360 - High Sierra or Big Sur? Sierra served me well for 4 years.

Do I have to perform a clean install (format ssd/partitions and install from USB etc) or can I update from appstore and use my EFI folder ?

In case the update is not a solution - can I use another existent partition on my SSD (extended journaled) to install High Sierra/Big Sur, without reformatting the drive (so to keep the Sierra) for a while?

I read that @egore has successfully installed Big Sur with OC. Can I migrate from Clover to OC to keep my settings first in Sierra and how this can be done?

@egore did you follow an XPS installation guide for OC? I only used clover up to now.

Any advise/help is highly appreciated!
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Hi all

Revisiting this thread during the quiet festive period, just to post my latest updated settings for the XPS 9360 and OpenCore.

This is for the i7-7500U, but just add your CPUFriend data for any other processor (together with your SMBIOS data), and you should be good to go.