[GUIDE] ASUS Zenbook UX430 - i7 8550 Kaby Lake R ALC294

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@starcentral is audio still not working well on the ux430ua?
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@starcentral is audio still not working well on the ux430ua?

I'm still using the audio drivers as per my notes on post #7. Everything works but not the mic/headphone jack. Apparently newer files are available but I have temporarily given up trying to get it working. I was in touch with insanelydeep for a bit to try and get it fixed but the steps were too much work. Mirone released something newer that might work but I have not tried.

If you get it working, let me know. thanks

I have some problems with this laptop... While sleep, after sleep the laptop turn off and start. I have saved some problem reports (uploaded).
The Laptop works fine but this crash down during work are not nice. I think it could be some Problems with the USB Ports...


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Hello @starcentral. I am hoping to hackintosh the UX430UN. I am hoping if you could give me the full EFI folder for my reference. Thank you!
Hi @starcentral. Can you confirm if display over HDMI using the type-c port works? Thanks.

It's now 3 years with my Asus Zenbook UX430UA-DH74 and solid performance without any issues at all. Again I am grateful to rehab man and many others who helped me get everything patched and working on this laptop.

I am looking at maybe doing a hackintosh on a newer model Asus laptop, does anyone have any good recommendations on which Zenbook I should go after? UX435? vivobook?

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