[Guide] Airport - Half Mini PCIe

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Guys I need a hand here. My AR9280 will not detect any network after waking from sleep.
It works perfect after cold boot but it wouldn't connect to anything after sleep. any suggestions?
Any solution for AR5BHB112? (Half sized AR9380)
recognized OOB but doesn't find any networks for me, never
Any solution for AR5BHB112? (Half sized AR9380)
recognized OOB but doesn't find any networks for me, never

I don't think AR9380 half size is supported. Only AR9380 full size...
The half size AR9380 is support natively. What are you using for antennas? How many?

It should be interesting. You would think "why would it matter" but evidently all 168c:0030 are not created equal...

I would say run Linux and/or Windows. Does it work there? If it does, but not in OS X, then it probably isn't supported by the OS X drivers.
I just bought a tl-wdn4800 and installed it in my i7 (920) Asus p6t deluxe v2 system running mountain lion. The card is detected fine however no networks show up and it will not connect with me choosing other network either. I then installed lion and the card works natively with networks showing up as it should. Any ideas whats causing the networks to not show up in mountain lion? My mountain lion is a fresh install at 10.8. My lion is at 10.7.5.

Any update to your wifi recommendation now we are at 10.8.5 ?
I'm looking for wifi half height card dual band with 3 streams ,if possible?
The AR9380 looked ideal except its full height , any suggestions? For dell m6600.
So far considering dell dw1515/ar9280 ;ar9380 and mounting in wwan slot (full height ) not sure if possible
or as a last resort AR9287 / AR5B93
note: can confirm Ar5B93 is fully recognised during 10.8.4 install and no extra tweaks req.
Here are my ioreg files for the working lion and the non working mountain lion. My lion doesn't have a dsdt installed and my mountain lion does.

UPDATE: Figured it out... I just need to use the IOPCIFAMILY.KEXT from netkas


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