GTX 970 Choppy Graphics/Low Frame Rate

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Jul 19, 2015
Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H
GTX 970
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[Solved] GTX 970 Choppy Graphics/Low Frame Rate

Hello all,

After installing Yosemite 10.10.4, I'm running into an issue with the graphics performance on my machine.
Mobo: Z97M
CPU: i7 4790
Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 970

I am running my monitor through HDMI from my graphics card, and I am getting some funky behavior on-screen. I've attached a video below, but in summary:

  • Strange glitching on login
  • Lagging mouse and window drag
  • Invisible menu bars, mouse sometimes disappears behind them when they are visible
  • Everything including video playback is at about 15 fps


Things I have tried that do not work:

  • nv_disable=1, nv_disable=0
  • Installing latest nvidia drivers for osx
  • Using VGA cable instead of HDMI (VGA is much worse)
  • Safe mode, non safe mode
  • Various multibeast configurations

Any help would be much appreciated! Hopefully someone out there has had similar problems with the 900 series cards and was able to fix them.
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You are not using the drivers and what you are seeing is graphics without any acceleration. Once you have installed the drivers you must use the boot flag nvda_drv=1 to use those drivers.
Hi! Im new into this so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I set the nvda_drv=1, also downloaded the Web Drivers and updated them but I get the same graphic glitches. What may I be missing ?? Im on Sierra 10.12.5. Lots of thanks.
What may I be missing ??
Disable integrated graphics - Set PEG as primary in your BIOS settings.
Config.plist - Do not inject Intel or Nvidia graphics and no ig-platform-id.
Config.plist - Disable SIP fully - CsrActiveConfig 0x67.
Edit config.plist - NvidiaWeb = true as per Link .
May need to emulate native NVRAM - Problem 6.
Remove nv_disable=1 from config.plist.
May need to install Lilu.kext and NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext to /Library/Extensions.
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1) Ok this is quite strange for me as im a new guy into this. When I use Clover configurator it gives me like three config.plist files, with I don't know what one should I change. I'll put the locations in here:


Also I changed previous things in the Clover boot loader but then they return to their default status, don't know why.

2) I disabled Integrated Graphic on BIOS (Gigabyte BIOS) but don't know where to set PEG as Primary, as searching among all the options didn't showed the Graphics boot priorities menu.

Thanks for the patience. Everything is running great, except for this Graphics Card issue. Just need to be able to edit config.plist correctly and hope this works fine :)
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