GTX 660 glitch issue with MacOS High Sierra 10.13

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This will likely never get fixed unless enough people with legit Mac pros and 660 report it.
does rx560 work out of the box? Asking as it's not in the buyer's guide
Depends on what you call 'out of the box'... The RX560 has been natively supported since 10.12.6. However, you need lilu and whatevergreen installed to make sure it's recognized (you can get around this with newer versions of clover and the proper settings in your config)
Same problem here with imac 13,2 and 660Ti...glitches.
is windows 10 dual booting possible if i choose the RX560? or should i buy another Nvidia?

Do you have the CUDA drivers installed?
yes :CUDA Driver Version: 387.99
GPU Driver Version: 378.

Can you remove it?

See if the problems go away.

If you google there’s a few ways to completely remove it.
that's a #metoo here..... anyone made any progress with these issues?
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