GTX 1060 performance on 10.13 High Sierra

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Great! Which cpu do you have?
Interesting... but reading that thread I noticed it didn't work for some people, although I have almost the same setup I can't give it a try since I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and everything is smooth but window resizing and playing games - I know mac isn't for games but it's worth noting that it goes extremely lag on very simple games, eg. dota 2 - are still laggy.

Could you try, fully resizing windows back and forth? I noticed lag in this applications only:
- Spotify
- WhatsApp Web Desktop App
- Firefox - if a webpage is loaded
- Microsoft Office suite
- Google Chrome

What I exactly mean is, make the window the smallest possible - it shouldn't lag, mine won't lag also - but then resize it. When buttons and controls are rendered, it makes the whole resizing lag.

Thanks in advance! And btw, it's good to see improvements over this topic and our 1060s :) hoping one day I'll update to High Sierra and get everything as good as I have it now (or at least - the very best).

I've test Firefox & Chrome & Word, just work fine.
First I record screen using QuickTime Player, seems it drains lots of CPU usage, even in half size of screen, make the resizing a bit laggy.
Then I record it again using my phone, the resizing is very smooth, even though CPU Frequency jump up when resizing.

And I attached compile version of NvidiaGraphicsFixup I'm using, if you guys want test of something. It's not an officially release, use at your own risk!


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Yep, NGF has some new stuff (for those self compiling):
#### upcoming v1.2.5
+- Added a workaround to interface lags in 10.13 ( add `ngfxsubmit=0` boot-argument to disable)
+With this change you may not need to disable Metal support. Make sure to restore CoreDisplay preferences:
+sudo defaults delete /Library/Preferences/ useMetal
+sudo defaults delete /Library/Preferences/ useIOP
#### v1.2.4
- Added `ngfxgl=1` boot argument (and `disable-metal` property) to disable Metal support // also an (oledr) fix for GPU probs / lags = disable METAL (=using OpenGL instead)
- Added `ngfxcompat=1` boot argument (and `force-compat` property) to ignore compatibility check in NVDAStartupWeb

So, some (or most) problems with NV + OS X comes by METAL usage. Which is more used in HS than in Sierra for UI & other things. But using OpenGL (also an accell for UI, GPU) as running EL Capitan (Sierra) instead of METAL (by disable METAL support) sometimes helps for such lagging / probs.

I think, that Nvdia does best for OS X drivers - BUT!!
1. They (Nvidia OSX dev) didnt get any money from Apple since a few years because Apple dont buy any NV chips anymore!
2. METAL is Apple only - so new for NVIDIA (they can do good OpenGL, DirectX,,.. of course!!!) = much mork
3. because point 2. ( METAL = Apple only + new ) AND point 1 (no money for their work from Apple!!!) = BAD for us & Nvidia!!!

If the new eGPU buissness coming up since HS goes beside Nvidia = AMD get only full eGPU support = AMD sells more GPUs, i guess NVIDIA must cancel OS X support in the next 1-2 years. Why should they spend personal (devs) & money for nothing?!
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Here’s an interesting post about a fix added to NvidiaGraphicsFixup:

I’m interested to see if this fixes the webgl demo stutters
Thanks for the tip. It is much faster, maybe even faster than Sierra.
Safari still creates new Window slower though, might be Safari bug.
Unfortunately when using the fix, after few minutes on my GT 1030 windows get distorted like with HD630 on iMac18.1 SMBIOS, which makes system pretty much unusable :(
hi all
I download NvidiaGraphicsFixup and put it to Clover\Kext\10.13 (I have 10.13.4 OS), restarting and see stuttering interface , when I open (unfold) Chrome
Is it normal or I make something wrong ?
Hi all,

I've just updated to 387., it seems to have greatly improved the smoothness, no longer seeing the Water Demo freezes, and it seems noticeably smoother everywhere else.

I do appear to have a NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext in /Library/Extensions, but that hasn't been updated for quite a few weeks, and it was stutter-y before updating the Nvidia drivers with that kext regardless.
Window and webgl-water lag is completely gone now.

Upgraded to latest WebDriver (387. and installed compiled NvidiaGraphicsFixup-1.2.7 found HERE.

Thanks guys!
After downgrading Nvidia drivers, the lag is gone. I don't see a need to switch to AMD graphics. Are there any real benefits to making the switch besides FCPX performance?
Maybe just HDMI audio working without issues (had them on 610, 1030 and 1050)

What's funny I've been using AMD since Feb (RX 560, and then RX 460) which was working pretty good, until I've upgraded Motherboard and CPU (which has broken my iGPU), after which I've started to experience same (or at least quite similar) lags on RX 460!
So now I've replaced RX 460 with 1050 Ti and haven't had any lags for a few hours.
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