GSATA for DVD is cool, right?

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Jun 22, 2012
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Hi! I haven't posted in a while but after a few days of "lost productivity" installing some new backup drives I found myself out of SATA ports and decided to move the DVD drive to the GSTA port.

Any concerns?

It seems to read just fine... I put in a CD and played and ripped a couple music tracks. (Ooh, I may try to rip a DVD using HandBrake later to test that too....)

I hope it's a relatively simple question.

All the threads I found on the internets concerning Gigabyte's GSATA port(s) were about hard drives or SSD and speeds and from 2010... :p

I'm thinking if my DVD drive "seems to be working" on my mobo etc. and whatever I installed when I built this thing, I should be 'good to go' to keep it this way until something seems awry, right?

Currently I've got 2 SSDs (boot and samples) and 4 Barracuda-like 1-3TB drives for audio & video sessions and backups. Those are taking the 6 SATA ports (not using the MSATA). AX750 power supply. GA-Z77X-UP5 TH

Sorry for the lame-ish question.... Maybe someone can make a funny joke out of it. But I'm "exhausted" after trying to figure out how to reformat drives from command line, worrying about faulty SATA cables when drives seemed to be holding up the boot process and yadda yadda ... I just want to get back to a Pezzner remix of one of my original tracks and my new record label, MEME! (It's creativity time when not outside enjoying the very short Minnesota summer, not pulling apart machines time.)
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