Graphics Not Working on New Mac Pro late 2012 with High Sierra on one ssd and windows 10 pro on another

Jan 4, 2015
ASUS Z97 Maximus VII Ranger
GTX 980
MacBook Pro, Mac Pro
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I have a mac pro late 2012 with 3.2 xeon processor 24 gb ram ddr3
I have got two cards gtx 980 gigabyte soc windforce and ati radeon hd 5770
I have got additional power supply as well
I have got two ssds and 1 hdd.

The problem is that when I connect my ssd on which mac is installed I dont see any screen on my monitor high sierra installed
When I unplug the hard drive and it boots into windows 10 professional. I can see the screen on the same graphic card gtx 980
I also dont get any picture through the ati radeon hd 5770.

What seems to be the problem. I recently upgraded by machine to mac pro late 2012. I plan to use nvidia rtx 2080 ti later on when I get the money with the addional 750 watt raider psu. I have used my old pc parts as for some reason my pc motherboard malfunctioned so now I have a mac pro late 2012 with xeon 3.2 ghz 4 pci slots 24 gb ram two 8gb two 4gb.

What needs to be done to sort this mess out mate


sarwan soomro

intel xeon 3.2 ghz 24 gb ddr 3 two ssds Samsung pioneer 500 gb 1 tb. GTX 980 Ati Radeon HD 5770 750 watt raider extra other than mac pro powersupply.

When I installed the safari update the graphics malfunctioned and I can operate windows 10 pro without problems but mac osx shows nothing on the screen something is wrong with the installation or software. any help would be appreciated