Glitchy Graphics, multibeast problem, HD problems, sound output... HELP PLEASE

Sep 4, 2013
i7 3770
Intel HD 4000
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hey guys, so I finally got my new build up n running with mountain line but I have a few problems. I can only boot in safe mode. Videos do not work and any website that has some sort of video on it is super glitchy.

Also, I did the whole post installation with multi beast and I didn't get and of the extra folders and/or org.chameleon.boot.plist. I even tried deleting multibeast then reinstalling a different version. Nothing works.

Another problem I have is that when I boot my computer, it is unable to read my 1TB storage drive. I have a 120gb SSD that I just want to be the boot drive but I wanna save everything else automatically to the 1TB drive. Both hds are hooked up to the power supply and the 6gb/s sata port on the mobo.

Last but not least, I have an interface that I record music with I also use this to send my sound output because I have studio speakers that hook up to that. The interface hooks up to the computer via FireWire. I know my FireWire port works but when I go into Sound in System Preferences, there is nothing showing up under Output or Input.

Mobo: GA-Z77X-UD5H
CPU: ivy bridge intel i7-3770
Graphics: intel hd4000 (onboard graphics)
Power Supply: Corsair 650W
Case: Corsair 500r
Memory: 8gb
HD: Sandisk SATA 6gb/s 120gb SSD
HD: SATA 6gb/s 1TB HD

Please any help with any problem i have would be greatly appreciated, I really want this baby running smooth.

Attached I have a photo of exactly how I set up multibeast. This is exactly how onset up my bios