Gigabyte Z77n with HD4000 - blue screen with dual monitors

Apr 26, 2013
Gigabyte GA-G77N
I7 3700K
NVidia GForce GTX1060 3GB
I appreciate the support I received in the past and I'm slowly working through all my issues. Just a few more and I believe I'll have everything working as I want.

Gigabyte z77n-wifi

I've been using this recently with a single monitor without any problems. Received a new 24" lcd but can't get it to work with both monitors. As soon as I plug the 2nd monitor in, both screens go to a solid blue color, no letters, no icons. I have to press and hold the power button down to reboot and start over..

What I have tried:
both monitors plugged into HDMI ports.
one plugged into the bottom HDMI, 2nd into DVI port
one plugged into the top HDMI, 2nd into DVI port

booted with -v -"GraphicEnabler"="No" came up with both screens a solid white. (appears to go through the normal boot process. apple screen goes away. Tried with -v, everything appears to go through like normal.)

booted into safe mode - same result.
booted with one monitor off, but both cables plugged into the system board. - still showing solid white screens. (even before turning the 2nd monitor on)

Unplugged the older 24" and rebooted, letting it show only on the new one to make sure there wasn't a strange problem there. (even though it ran fine with my win7 machine), This was plugged into the DVI - NO PROBLEMS.

Plugged the cable back into the system, but left it unplugged from the monitor. no problem. Plugged the HDMI cable back into the monitor, immediately turns to the blue screen.
Unplugged the HDMI cable, still stays a solid blue.

Any guidance or suggestions?