Gigabyte Z370N WIFI with BCM94360CS2

Aug 18, 2017
So I am part picking to build my Hackintosh and I have a clearance question, hopefully someone can help me. I plan on switching the onboard Intel wifi card with the BCM94360CS2 and M.2 adapter so I can have continuity and airdrop working OOB and Switching out the card is easy. The problem is that the fan that I'm going to be using is the Noctua NH-L12 (without the top fan) and The clearance from the motherboard to the heatsink is about 43mm so I wanted to know if after I install the wifi card I will have enough clearance with the CPU fan and the Wifi card. I have very limited space in the case and Really want a card that is OOB no Kexts needed in High Sierra or Mojave. So will it Fit ? any info about this is helpful. Thank You :)