Gigabyte x299 Monterey Install, patching needed?

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Dec 23, 2020
Gigabyte X299 Designare EX-F7e
RX 6900 XT
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I've got the x299 freshly installed on a WD 750 1TB SSD instead of the Samsung that I have, after all the discovery that others have made. I had previously mapped my USB ports back in the early x299 Big Sur 11.x thread. Thanks to @Loloflatsix and @rustEswan literally 1 year ago, unfortunately I lost and/or forgot the reason why I needed to rename/map the USB controller. They had provided an ACPI file .aml that remapped things. So now that I'm on Monterey 12.1, Hackintool reports a lot of things to patch too. Can I improve stability by renaming things from the ACPI dump? Since I mapped all my usable USB ports with USBMap and generated my custom .kext file is it necessary to correct it with ACPI mapping?

Question 1, Do I need to patch things? USB, Videocard (6900 XT), etc? SSDT-BRG.aml maybe needed, not sure...
Question 2, Is there anything in my ACPI dump attached, that needs to be addressed?
Question 3, am I paranoid and worried, or is there other things that need to be cleaned up?
Question 4, should I add my EFI folder for review?
Question 5, The ethernet controller i211 isn't as complete as the i219 that are both on the motherboard, odd...

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I do remember this vaguely...

Although if I'm totally honest, I actually think that the renaming part was maybe not 100% necessary and I ended up simplifying to a straightforward USB map when I moved to my Asus board. I can't remember if it was strictly necessary for yours.

As long as all the USB ports that are part of your map show up and work and you don't have troubles with sleep/wake then you're probably ok without messing with any renames.

I think a current EFI would certainly help (I can't promise I'll have time to look at it, I'll try but at least anyone else passing through would also be able to take a more in depth look.)

This would probably all be quite useful to have in the X299 Monterey thread ;)
I do agree it needs to be in that thread, but I can't find one for the Gigabyte flavor, there is one for the Asus that is awesome though!

Here is my EFI folder, please check it out.

P.S. I think sleep isn't functional or more accurately spazzes out if tried to sleep.


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